The Education the first steps to know yourself, life Rights, Duties. But in Developing countries There is a lot of Problems in Education.There is Millions do not know how to Read and write Women are always the most vulnerable everything wrong They are the most disease in the poorest and most unemployment, unfortunately, in developing countries, many cultures, customs and traditions underestimate the woman, and found the chances that prefer them young man without a girl There are very discriminate against women in developing countries as a result of ignorance

Ignorance is the main enemy of a healthy life for women and if they have learned the girl will become strong, able to take her right and this in itself is a dangerous thing and threatens the throne of the man she would stand next to him face-to-face and man hates so ignorant in areas In Egypt the country's 80 million population exacerbated the problem of illiteracy, where according to the latest statistics 2010 official signals that the figures of illiteracy in Egypt for 50 million people and represented a third of girls A large number and shows a real problem faced in Egypt general and girls in particular, the previous reasons of the most important obstacles to this problem beside that there are no national plans Fact by governments tracked solve the problem until after the January revolution, but there are some Alajtahedat individual and personal by some rights organizations Rights, which supports the idea of female education The role of media which shows the girl will be more strong education, ambitious girls themselves to education, even if individually, these stories are of individual leads me optimistic that tomorrow better if banded together efforts by the state and individuals themselves

Tell you a story of hope, which I believe it is the story of Egyptian woman I saw it and I consider myself a small part in helping them to achieve her dream to see me that insistence individual may alter people's lives Name Noor, name carries a lot of reaction that created in the lives of their daughters Noor little girl at the age of 14 years old and was born in a large family in Upper Egypt, as is usual in this area a lot of girls do not learn and prefer her to marry at a young age for education next to the customs and traditions erroneous out the girl and her education and extreme poverty there Noor family was large and poor and the father wants to get rid of his daughters to marry because he is tired and can no longer spending their first man proposed marriage to her husband immediately, although he was ten years her senior and he was patient, but it does not matter is important that Noor marry and mouth closes for ordering food

Noor married and became her husband's duty to serve and give birth just like the rabbit and bare times and two to five times of repeated birth in poverty, disease, why so many? Simply because her children were girls and must boy born for father unselfish and poor patient Noor has 5 girls in a poor family a her healthy tired of the many birth father patient Noor was forced to go out to work how she works ? she so tired bodily and uneducated in this world how ? Of course, she worked in simple acts such as cleaning houses and selling products in markets. Noor after the great fatigue knew that the mystery of her suffering is not to teach her firm was established by the girls that their children should learn by any form, even at the expense of her health and her efforts Noor succeeded to achieve her dream. Her five girls now are learning and regular education in multiple stages and for wonder her husband leaves her and marries another, because he wants to have a son a boy!!!! Noor stand alone like a tree with her powerful and embedded in her land kept on their daughters and provide them with strong and consistent My Support is very small for help her which encourage their daughters to learn constantly remind them of their mother Nour tired for them and give them a simple prizes in the case get high scores The promise of prize gives a great incentive for them and this is something I am personally pleased when h do that Frequently story Noor individually in my community and I hope that there are women who want Knowing their minds and themselves want to go out of ignorance into the light A woman who believes that education is survived by herself and her famelies there is always hope I believe in it

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I think Noor and her daughters have displayed tremendous courage and it will not go unnoticed. She will inspire other women to be rebellious of the set rules and customs and break away from them. The world is changing and some customs have to change with it.

Lazy men never bothered to go out there and make lives for themselves and their families, they thought they would make their wealth by marrying off their girl children.

Also there is no guarantee that, that boy child they long for, would bring any glory to him or the family.

Keep the support coming, you will eventually win the war.



A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

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A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Hi my sister, I am so proud of you! The education is the important thing that girls all over the world need, but our culture destroy their life. They think that to marry girls is the only important things they can do because is in their own interest. We must raise our voices together, our world will change one day and we will be free. Thanks Enas!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Thanks for sharing this story Enas. And i must say that Noor's story is similar to many, but unlike many she had the courage to stand out by believing and fighting for a better future for her children. Hopefully, this story will inspire fellow women in that situation to belive and fight for a better tomorrow. Nice one .