Until the Violence ends.....
Until the Violence ends.....

As a young girl many thought I was too opinionated, I guess because I was always very quick to speak when I saw or experienced anything that threatened my person hood  and reduced the value of life placed on others. Because I lived and grew up in a society that did not recognize women with voices I had a lot of challenges with a lot of people especially males.

As a young adult female who just graduated  I came in contact with an opportunity that afforded me the platform and space to use my voice effectively. I was given room to make changes in the society through the power of communication and no one was going to still my voice again.

Ever since I discovered that I could access platforms that inspire and lead to change by the power of voice I have never let go of any opportunity to create change on any platform where my voice can be heard.

I joined this group having identified this space as another platform and avenue to speak up against all forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence against women on a bigger scale and with a larger community and audience. I see this as an opportunity to gather more knowledge build stronger networks and share experiences with other individuals who connect with my own aspirations and vision.

I believe the opportunity here would lead to life changing course and dirrection for me.


Dear Ese,

Welcome to this Group. Your reasons for joining describe so well the intentions of the Group. We have the opportunity here to gain a global documentation of all forms of violence, identifying in particular the many forms of violence inflicted on women and girls. We are all stronger in voicing the needed changes by knowing and d supporting each other. I love that you recognized your ability to speak out strongly at an early age, and hope that your participation in this group will lead to your building a course of action for your life that has great effect on these changes we all seek.

In sisterhood,


Dear Ese,

Welcome to the Gender-Based Violence Group. And thank you for sharing about your journey and your interest to join this group.

You have certainly inspired me to rise up and be vocal in the group as well. I am also passionate about challenging gender-based violence, particularly the culture of silence that women and girls are often forced into as victims and the culture of impunity that men and boys gloat in as perpetrators that are rarely ever punished. This must stop! And one of the ways we can do this is by encouraging one another to speak out and strengthen one another's voice against gender-based violence.

Once again, welcome to this group! And as I am happy to connect with you, I am inspired to speak up LOUD against gender-based violence. Thank you.

In partnership,

Dear Carolyn,

It is a great to know that my words are inspiring others to do more in speaking up on Violence Against Women.

Looking forward to a healthy fruitful partnership journey with you.



Welcome. I am so glad you joined the group.

I think you have an important, powerful and lovely voice. I am convinced you will be able to impact your community drastically by speaking out about what you see. You have already inspired me.

I would love to hear more about what you have seen and what you think needs to be done about it. You are in the best position to effect change as you bring your education and passion to shed light on the shadows.

I look forward to future posts.

JT Long

telling stories; creating communities

Dear JT Long,


Thank you for your words. It is looking great already joining in on this platform.

I will sure keep up with speaking to inspire change here.



Hello Ese,

I want to thank you for having the courage for speaking up starting at a young age.  So many of us are afraid to say something when ourselves or others are put down.  I hope you continue to speak up and speak out across as many platforms that you can find. 


Dear Ese,

It's wonderful to have you in this group, and here on World Pulse. Your voice will always be heard and never stilled here. We want to hear what you have to say. Please continue to speak up against gender-based violence. The more we shed light on this very serious problem, the more everyone will be aware of it and the world will begin to change. Keep speaking--we are listening!



Ese, we may be continents apart (and I may be 3 months late answering!), but your comments are universal.

When I was younger I was always told off for being opinionated, and at uni I always made my presence known as I wasn't having boys dominate my life.

I hope you're still active on WorldPulse.

Allie x

The Future Is Female.