Today, I feel that I can be what I want to be and do what I want to do
Today, I am confident about myself
I am not ashamed to hold my head up and walk boldly ahead
Yes, I may have been an insecure, naive and lacking in confidence girl when you first met me
But today, I am a strong, determined and confident woman
With village royalty running through my veins
A rich history of ancestry leaders that ruled with power and just
My roots run deeper than you think
My foundations are built on the sweat of many who have gone before me
My feet stand rooted on this land where I was planted
My thoughts cultivated and nurtured so I could think for myself, speak for myself
None of your words can sting me more than I have already been stung
No longer will you imprison me in my mind
No more will I tolerate your fouled actions and disrespect towards me
For there is nothing more that you can do nor say that could suffocate me in guilt
Guilt of my short comings
Guilt of my failures and my past
I will survive only because I choose to live
To live in freedom...
Freedom from you.

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To feel confident is to feel independent, and from your poem you display the ability to walk to your own beat. Though you may be walking without the presence of another, you are not alone. You have your strong hopes, dreams, and realizations about who you are to support you. I applaud you in realizing that to have freedom you have to have courage, and furthermore, for having that courage to be free.

Your poem reveals the independence, the confidence in you and i appreciate that.Good courage and thanks for posting this inspiring poem.

Love and hugs Pooza

I love your style of writing and was drawn in immediately by your strength of spirit. Your story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for so many women across the world whom I know feel the same way as you but do not have the ability to put their thoughts into words. I know that your poem will strike a cord with many and I eagerly await your future posts. It's a joy to have you in our community.

Best wishes, Janice