“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

Audre Lorde’s words keep ringing in my ears. When I have second thoughts whether I should speak or just be silent, her words are enough to inspire me to speak up, or else I will lose the opportunity to be heard.

A woman, no matter what her economic status in life or level of education is, for as long as she has the desire to grow, she has that potential to reach her full potential. And with the advent of the Internet, the more that she is given a wider opportunity not only to grow as a person, but also to make herself an instrument to also empower other women.

Web 2.0 is one internet tool that every woman can tap, to realize her vision, as a person. I feel guilty that even if I am aware of what Web 2.0 is, I ignored its uses. Only when I applied to the VOF 2010 Program of WorldPulse was I able to have a full grasp of what this Internet tool can do to empower me more, as a woman.

I thought that what I used to do as a woman, as a mother, as a worker, is enough. I confined myself in my own family, my work, my community, and my country. Reading the journals in WorldPulse, however, made me reflect about my life and what I can for the betterment of this world. God has gifted me with skills and talents and resources -- gifts which I can use to reach out to more people, sans the geographic boundaries.

I believe that I have a mission in this world. I believe that as a woman, I can do something to also empower other women, especially those whose voice are being silenced or not being heard, or welcomed.

Through WorldPulse, I am very excited to be interacting with other empowered women of the world. We will not only speak our minds and our visions, we will also share our unique experiences, our success stories, hoping that they will also inspire others and eventually create social change. We will pool our resources and support each other for the achievement of a bigger mission.

I believe that through Web 2.0, women who give up their power simply because they think they don’t have it will start to get out from their shell and contribute in transforming themselves and this world.

As Margaret Sanger says, “Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.”

I would like to join the multitude of women who commit to make this world a better place. I accept the challenge…and I know that WorldPulse is there to guide me through this great mission…which is not impossible, after all! #

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


I like how, in your post, you are able to redefine the phrase "women of the world". I remember the day when that meant a totally different thing LOL Talk about the power of the Web! Well done!



Life is how you design it.

Hi Anna! thank you, for your comment... it made me smile, too. in my eagerness, i did not even notice the other implication of my statement... ha!ha!ha! i anyway, wow! so nice to meet another filipina here... and i hope this is a start of nice friendship...

take care, Anna...

P.S. I love the way you expressed your own piece, too... i could see that writer... the poet in you.... :-)


Hi Eureka,

I really enjoyed reading your piece. The third paragraph is encouraging. It's a great message to spread all over the world. Regardless of status, backgrounds, etc., it's all about the desire and willingness to grow.

My favorite part of your article is the fifth paragraph. I think this is the core of your article. I liked how you wrote about all the great things you do (as a woman, mother, and worker) and how you feel like it simply isn't enough. You seem to be someone who's always looking for a challenge. That's awesome.

Too bad there is a 500 word limit. I would have loved to read on what your ambitions are and what you hope to see in the future.

Your article flows very smoothly. I liked how you ended with Margaret Sanger's quote which ties back to the middle of the piece. Great job!

Cheers, Jenn

Dear Jenn,

greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!!!

it's so nice to read your comments... makes me smile, and yes, very happy. thank you very much, jenn!!!

you are from portland, oregon... and portland, oregon is very close to my heart!!! the reason, you would somehow know, at the right time.... :-)

by the way, you look Asian to me... may I know what your roots are? i don't want to presume, though I have an idea. i know, you, too, have your own story to tell, and in time, who knows you would share them with me. i would love to listen...

going back to your comment... wow! you inspire me jenn... you have drawn out that feeling that sometimes enjoy hibernating.... and now, is happy to be out. thank you!!!

indeed, you are so right: i am that type of a woman who loves challenges in life. i like to be always on the go. i want to be always doing something. i want to be productive. i hate routine.... i want to try something new, and good! i don't want to waste my time on things and people who i think do not do me or the world any good... and i tell you, i am so good at multi-tasking. in fact, as i am writing this, i am also eating my lunch here, a birthday treat of a lady office mate.

well, yes, the word-count limits my essay...and sadly, i had to delete three paragraphs, just to comply with the word-count requirement. still, it's a challenge... :-)

jenn, who knows, someday we will meet, in person. it's not that remote... and again, thank you for the inspiring comments. it moves me to go on... for the realization of my mission possible!



Hi Eureka,

Thanks for responding to my response. :-)

My background is Korean. I am from Portland, Oregon (born and raised). But, now I live in Sydney, Australia. Yes, big move. Just like you, I hate routine and wanted a change. I'm studying here. Currently working on my Masters in Human Rights and enjoying Aussie's gorgeous weather.

Yes, you should tell me about your connection to Portland someday.

Keep in touch!

Cheers, Jenn

Hi Jenn, . hmmmm... what a small world!!! both portland and sydney are close to my heart... makes me smile!!!

you see, my eldest son, who is a computer programmer/systems administrator, works for an australian company, Better Telecoms, Inc.. he goes to sydney every now and then. i know of some friends, mostly Baha'is, who study and live in Sydney, too.

your graduate studies clearly shows what your passions in life are...and i admire you for that, jenn.

keep the fire burning! it will bring you to where you want to be... i can see that!!!

yes, somebody, i will tell you my connection in portland, oregon... i look forward to that.... :-)

take care, jenn....


Dear Eurekafilipina:

Yes, your essay moved smoothly and powerfully, and the quotations you used are thought provoking.

I liked many things in your essay, especially how you moved from talking about women in general, to you and your life, and then kept your personal voice and joined across the world in your vision to make a difference with other women.

I don't think this is necessarily a problem in your essay, but your insights are so deep, that you could expand on them a whole lot more....like, how exactly might a woman grow as a person through the Internet? How exactly would she tap the internet to realize her vision. What struggles does she overcome in that process and how does that change her? Another deep point is women giving up their power...I mean that is a huge huge phenomenon. A person could write a dissertation about that. Now, I fully realize that you only had 500 words, and couldn't develop your profound insights.

You seem to have an ease with writing and with the English language. Your writing voice is very clear, as is your enthusiasm. You sound very committed already to an adventure of personal empowerment. Also, it is pretty hard to be emotionally and physically present for one's children if one is busy with empowering herself and her country....so I hope you are not being hard on yourself. You gained immense wisdom in your role as mother and worker...that you are now able to bring to World Pulse.

So, welcome! I am a listener for this essay, and I have been so pleased to engage in your essay.

Best wishes,

Anna aka OneinMany

PS: Oh, and you had 503 words. Dang. Would have been easy to drop three of them.

Speaking my Peace

Dear Anna,

thank you very much, for your very nice, inspiring comment. reading your words renews a certain feeling that usually visits me when one of my passions is being touched... it is that feeling when i want to drop what i am doing at the moment and fly to where i want to be...

anyway, yes, i acknowledged your constructive comments, about the many things that i wish to say, but due to word-count limitation, i had to sacrifice including them in my essay. and still, i am 3 words over (i am sad). i hope the listeners would not be that hard on me. i will be overly conscious, the next time.... :-)

you know, my first draft was very long... as i let my words just flow... without interruptions. On my first edit, i still surpassed the allowed word-count. i regret having to delete a paragraph or three, thoughts which I know are also important in the over-all essay...

i live a balanced life. of course, it's not that easy to be a working mother. several times, i had to decline an attractive offer, a work opportunity abroad, in favor of my daughter, who is still a teenager. for me, nothing beats being physically present when your kid needs you most. i don't want to someday regret not being there for my daughter simply because i was busy with my other concerns like work, etc. yes, i always give time to my family, but i try to also serve others in some ways.

you know, i intertwine my work with that of my personal life. in my radio and TV programs for example, as much as possible, i involve my kids, for them to appreciate and value what their mother is doing. in the process, my kids learn to also love what i am doing. in fact, all of them are, at some point of their life, also wanted to be writer and broadcaster, like their mother. I am proud to say that all of them were into into writing while they were students, as editor-in-chief of their school publication. my two older sons have graduated from college, and are now working as computer programmers.

for now, i am focused on my youngest daughter, who is still in high school. she is at a very challenging stage of her life... the reason why i want to stay put where I am now. like her older brothers, i want to give my daughter the best, not only in terms of education, but also love, care and attention. for me, raising my kids to become responsible citizens, for them to establish good roots to hold on to, good wings to soar high, are the greatest legacy i could leave them! i believe that success in work should go hand in hand with success in the family, in one's kids.

on the other hand, through my radio and TV programs, i become an instrument in empowering women listeners--giving them information and facilitating livelihood opportunities for them. sometimes, it's so overwhelming to read letters/text messages from my radio listeners how thankful they are of what i do/did to them... and sometimes, i wish i could do more!!! of course, i am in that path now....

if there's one thing that i want to start doing, that is to engage women, especially the emotionally and physically- abused, to talk... and hopefully, be empowered, too, like me. in my line of work, i see women who are educated, women who have so much to offer, not only for their own family, and also to others, but these women are deprived of speaking up and be heard. these women fear the social stigma attached to speaking up; they fear their abusive husbands, they fear the castigation of their relatives and friends.

in the Philippines, double standard of morality is very strong. it is alright for the husband to play around, but the wife is expected to stick it out with her husband/partner, no matter what.

i also reach out to empowered women, those who have decided to break from the bondage of emotional and physical abuse. these are the women who are trying to get over from their sad experience, and moving on as single parent. it is a challenge for a single parent/mother to be raising her kids alone.

for their safety and to prevent further harassment from their husbands, I am starting a group, an online group, where abused women can have easy access. in this online discussion group, women can share their experiences and their woes, without having to fear having her identity known. through this online interaction, we hope that other women of similar situation may have the courage to also speak up, and hopefully, a win-win solution can be arrived at.

i understand these women... and i can relate with them... and i know, i can do something for them... and together, we do it!!!

we could not do it alone, though; we need the coaching and inspiration from other women, too... women from other parts of the globe, women who have found success in dealing with violence against women. with the internet, interacting with these women is easy, accessible.

hmmmm... you have noticed that, too... my flair for writing. just a bit of intro about me, i graduated with a in degree mass communication, i am a development communication officer and part of my job is writing news and feature articles for national and local newspaper and magazines (online and hard) and i host radio and TV programs. i am a newspaper columnist, too... and yes, a blogger!

writing is part of my life... a gift which i wish to also share with others...

i think i have said enough, Anna... and thank you, for listening... :-)



Thanks for your reply, Tess! Wow, I have a lot to learn from you.

Must to bed right away and get up and travel to care for my grandchildren while my son and daughter-in-law work. Lucky me.

I have a goal of developing the voices and power of the abused -- that includes not only women and children suffering the effects of domestic violence, but also the severely disabled. I came to know and admire them when working with and for them last year.

Take care,


Speaking my Peace

dear anna,

thanks, again, for your prompt reply... makes me smile and happy....

well, i know it's night where you are now... and you need your beauty rest. health is wealth, so to speak...:-)

good night, anna....and i hope we can continue this friendly online interaction. i have good vibration towards you.... and who knows, we can establish a deeper friendly from out of this.

wow! yes, lucky you... you are experiencing something which i am still in a quandary... and i also look forward to be in that stage of my life. must be so nice.... :-)

good night, anna, and sweet dreams!


P.S. it's still lunchbreak in here....


I enjoyed how you used quotes to introduce your ideas and identified how women can use the web to expand their influence beyond their immediate circle. Thank you for sharing this beautiful essay and your personal ideas. Christine

thank you, christine! i am more inspired to be reading encouraging comments from people like you... moves me to go on... and contribute something for mankind.

take care...