It’s been about 10 years now since my awakening. How time flies so fast.

But God paves the way for someone who needs His guidance the most. I did something I never thought I would do, a decision that surprised my family and relatives, and close friends.. but not my kids!

Today, with a smile, I would sometimes mutter, “what took me so long to make that decision? “

More than twenty years was long enough to endure, but I endured it all! I thought it was part of married life, that I, an emotionally-battered wife, should take it all with grace, because that was what the society where I live dictates.

That awakening led to my empowerment!

Not much has changed through the years. I still see educated and financially independent women enduring the pain, for fear of being mocked at by society, for fear of being put into more pain. If these women can be abused, just imagine how it is for those who are helpless, those who have less education, who are financially dependent.. women who do not know what they would do if they decide to get out from their situation...

When will this stop? Until when will these women continue to suffer in silence? Who will help them help themselves?

I always allot a time of my day and a space for myself alone. This is the time when I give myself the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of the words, written by faceless women, women who I would wonder whether I would get the chance to meet in person someday.

Being a writer, I am a voracious reader of blogs and journals. There is always something to learn from them. I admire women who boldly told their stories, perhaps hoping that by expressing their thoughts other women can be awakened. And in one of those ‘reading time’, I bumped on World Pulse.

From that day on, World Pulse has become a part of my life. Reading the journals in World Pulse puts me in awe, and sometimes, disbelief. Oftentimes, they leave me more inspired.

Aside from my work as a journalist and broadcaster, I am a board member of the Network of Educators for Social Transformation (NEST). Our NGO is involved in the empowerment of women, the capacity-building of the youth and the education of children.

I feel that what I do now is not enough. There is so much to do for the education and empowerment of women and children, especially the abused ones. They, too, deserve to be happy, to enjoy life. They, too, have dreams. I want to dream with them, and together, we will walk the path that some are afraid to tread.

As I watch the transformation of women who took the challenge as VOF, women who share my visions for the world, I am inspired to be like them. I have so much to offer... and World Pulse is my guiding star!!!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.


I was inspired and moved reading your piece and in awe of your courage an determination to help other women. I wish you well with all that you hope to do and look forward to reading more. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

Yours, Julie


Dear Filipina,

I completely agree with you on not being able to do enough. I work for an ngo called War Against Rape that not only works towards creating a rape-free society through various advocacy and capacity-building programs, but also provides services to the survivors of sexual violence and their families. When I started with them a while ago, I would lie awake for hours thinking of the eons it took me to even think along the lines of how I could make a difference in the way of justice. Keep up the good work!

Love and peace, Mirchii

Dear Aimee,

thank you... thank you very much for taking the time to jot me a very heartwarming note. i feel like crying... you have touched something in my system...

yes, you and i, along with the other women who share our passion, can do something for the betterment of this world, for the empowerment of the powerless and the oppressed. United in our pursuit, there is no reason for our voice not to be heard!

keep up the good work, aimee... i salute you. looking back, i somehow feel guilty that when i was your age, my concern was more about earning a living and taking care of my growing family. i was oblivious of what was happening outside of my family, well, it's not too late, right? and here i am, doing something, in my own little way.... :-)

take care, aimee! you may call me Tess... :-)


Dear Mirchiii,

i'm so sorry, for the honest mistake... now i see one effect of multi-tasking. i have realized, while we women are good at it, sometimes, we are prone to unintentional errors. i have learned a lesson this morning, mirchii, and i hope you forgive me for addressing you aimee...



Thank you so much for your story. It speaks so clearly to the power of change and the way in which our lives are enriched by those of our sisters as well. I, too, find so myself in so much awe and wonder reading the amazing voices of World Pulse. Your voice is among them. Jocelyn

Dear Jocelyn,

thank you, for your awesome note. You know, I have become so addicted to my WorldPulse Family that I just could not help but look forward to connecting more with the other members. Reading your comments is truly inspiring. i hope we could establish a deeper friendship and learn from our respective experiences,,, and yes, support each other, too, along with the other members of the WorldPulse Family. please continue to keep in touch, Jocelyn. i would really love that...