I was born in 1985 in Amen village, Soroti district, North Eastern part of Uganda. But Like any other little girl growing up, I had dreams; dreams of  Peace, Hope and Happiness. But as life sometimes has a way of throwing rotten tomatoes at us, nobody prepared me for all the calamities that came my way.


Right from childhood, I have had to fight with demons of rejection from my own father, sexual abusive by my guardian's boy friend at the age of 8, homelessness, a troubled teenagehood, name it all. All of these, never for a moment did I ever understand 'Why' such bad things had to happen to me. Todate, even with ALL the accomplishments, my thoughts still linger, wondering why bad things often times torment good people. At 31years of age now, a mother of two and a hardworking woman, I hold the world around me with so much gratitude for the many battles I have had to fight and win. When people look at me, a successful happy woman is what they see, sometimes I wish I had the right words to explain my strength to the world.

Looking back through memory lane, in my own words, this is what I have to say.

"Sometimes we go through unloveable past so we can explain it to someone someday".

And in my moments of wander, I know without a doubt that I have never been unloved!