This is a revolution. This is a place for all women whose voice and actions will be heard and acknowledged for a long time. Pulsewire made it possible for me to gather enough courage and reveal through my writing who I am and how I feel and how I even hurt or express my joy. I am going through a very difficult stage in my life. I try to be resilient for my children and just figure out to navigate the obstacles even if I fall short most of the time. I admire each and every woman in Pulsewire. Each story is amazing one after the other, each essay is heart touching and most of it revealing of an inner energy or power that is a common factor in every woman. When I read your travels, your advocacies, your mission, your fights, your marathons, your pain, your laughter, your prayers, your cries… in wherever part of the world you are, you take me with you. I could not travel anywhere as of this moment, I am out of the job and even my twin daughters are out of school. Immigration laws that keep on changing worse than the weather has just caught up with me including my children. Because of this, we are not qualified for any kind of financial help or support until everything is settled according to rules, laws and requirements.

My daughters dream to be lawyers someday; well I can now guess what they will specialize in. I wish I could share and tell stories of how I am helping others. Instead, I am being helped as of this moment. Will there be a job for me today? What about health insurance? My daughter had her tooth pulled out weeks ago; I needed to borrow $150 dollars from a friend and had to tell her I have no idea at all how to pay her back. Thank God for friends who understand the situation one is in. Until I get a job, debts would just keep on incurring for now.

Pulsewire is my lifeline now. It is my hope at the end of my rope. I started writing online because of Web 2.0. I started having friends online and they are amazing women. They gave me so many ideas on how to earn extra money by using the skills that I know. These women validated my worth which I thought I have lost so many years ago. These wonderful women were even asking for my advice or suggestion when I am no one important, I have not achieved anything big or great at all. I am one simple woman and yet, within this community I am needed and appreciated. I am now putting myself out there, using enough fortitude to earn and have great use of my skills. It is all because of the connection I have in this online community. This is my rebirth. My first step to womanity.

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Believe it or not, as I am writing my essay, I checked to see if you had submitted yours yet. I have been on the lookout for it since you said you may submit it on Saturday. What is in your heart shines through in your writing. I am so glad that the friends you hav e made here on World Pulse have been able to help you through these bad times. I believe that things always have a way of working out for the best, and you will be fine.............have faith.

Now, back to my writing!


as with anything whether a speech, a business, making a proposal, apologizing, it is so hard to begin, but i just tried so hard to find inspiration from all of you i figured if these women can do it maybe i can too thank you so much for your nice words you are one of my source of strength take care


ps ( i almost gave up, but someone whispered i must not quit , maybe it was you :) maybe you gave me that nudge to write, thanks my friend)

Solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking)

Everly -

You are so right that the power of the web is connecting people! I'm able to learn so much more about the world through other people's experiences now. I hope that you continue to find support through the women of world pulse, and I'm sure we all will continue to learn about strength and perseverance from your stories.

  • carly

we are living in a very fast paced small world at this moment, and it will get smaller and more impersonal each day. with worldpulse what is impersonal becomes the opposite in this site we are lucky we came across this and we are now part of it take care and let us all continue this empowering journey we all have


Solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking)

Your words are inspiring and empowering, and I am very grateful that you shared your story. I agree with you that this site is an amazing resource, as is web 2.0 in general, for connecting with other women and sharing our ideas, dreams, fears, hopes, and accomplishments. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Those are very powerful words. Although you seem to have more than you share of troubles right now, it is obvious that you are developing the strength that will get you through it. How awesome that Web 2.0 is providing a network that will sustain you. We women are very lucky. Our relationships seem to me so much more geared to supporting one another than those of men. Keep the faith! Warm regards, rozjean

hello rozjean, what really amazes me is that i am not alone we all have our share of ups and downs and yet we are still here so much alive and so blessed to know each other in world pulse and lift each others spirit

take care


Solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking)