Yes, my heart goes out to her and her family. Such courage and determination at such a tender age.

I hope our prayers and wishes work, and she recovers soon.

In solidarity with Malala, her undying spirit and love.

Hugs and love,

Mukut Ray

Malala has proved to the world that for sure she is human rights activist at such a tender age and we are proud of her. For sure we are with her and her family in prayer and we pray that she gets the surgery that she needs and will get better soon. We ask the almighty to protect her from such villains as the Taliban and that she continues to advocate for the rights of the girls and women in her country. Fardosa keep me posted on this situation. Stay blessed my sister

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities a.kiddu@gmail.com cfmlegal@gmail.com Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

It is rare to see people with true hearts and then to find one who is so passionate about trying to make her country a place of peace and equality at such a young age is beyond incredible. I believe that this experience will only increase her desire to see that goal accomplished. I am so proud and inspired by her and wish that we all had a little more of Malala inside of us.

Malala's experience has been publicized in such a way that the world is now unified in a movement to support her. It has been so inspiring to see the bravery of one girl amplified to a create such global awareness. As more stories like this are brought forward, real change can be achieved. Malala's character is a model for the future, and her bravery and passion should fuel us all.

Keep the hope, Nicole

This young girl has shown the world that one person's voice can create a huge ripple effect around the world. Her bravery is admirable and even after being hospitalized she continues to demonstrate great strength. Thank you for posting this article, reading it was very eye opening and added great value in learning more of the details in Malala's story. As the world's eyes shine light on the misgivings of the Taliban, change will slowly start to happen. Human rights cannot be continually violated when society speaks up against it.

Continually inspired, Kiran.

Sai Kiran Gopie Hon. BSc, MBA www.socialgood2pt0.ca http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/sai-kiran-gopie/5/543/2a

Twitter: @SaiKiranGopie