In this technologically advanced, modern world – I aim to battle ‘ignorance’.

Ignorance is not when I cannot read or write. It’s when I cannot reflect and modify, think and scrutinize. It’s when I ignore the sufferings and sentiments of my fellow beings.

My ‘Pichu’ fights the “IGNORANT” battle every day.

Pichu is a young mind filled with propaganda ,bias, stereotypical views - each day, Pichu stands at the crossroads of using her own mind and instincts or use ‘others’ view’ to orient her actions. She’s confused but witty, she’s funny and talkative, she’s largely an introvert and inquisitive.

Pichu is no one but a character played with my right hand! Kids and my teen sister loves her - She’s a reflection of my daily observation. She ‘sheds skin’ everyday through learning. She’s instrumental in my own learning process, a powerful medium to exhibit my observation and help others. Pichu sometimes seems more powerful in conveying a message than I! I imagine a community where characters like Pichu will discuss and convey women s' issues in a humorous, witty way :-) where discussing issues will be fun and refreshing for young children/ teens and not ‘uncool’

I envisage community where women of any economic class can hold a public office and have a say in public affairs. We see rich, influential woman making their way to the top, often disconnected from the issues of economically deprived women.

A community where a woman’s contribution is recognized and appreciated. It’s sad that even our economic indicators do not count the enormous amount of household work we do !

A community where knowledge is valued, nurtured over money - where there are more museums, historic sites, libraries, green space and health centres for women than shopping malls! where women can join any profession she desires and not be dictated to choose a profession that ‘suits her nature’, where various industries/sectors will cater towards her needs and fully support reaching her goals , where various journals and specialist magazines will incorporate women writers and contributors .

Often many woman complain industry specific journals/magazines write from a male perspective, though they hardly raise their voice, fearing their loyalty to their profession will be questioned. Yes I believe in loyalty , but critical loyalty, it’s when you love something so much that you go and speak out against the flawed parts of the system.

I am currently writing a piece for a business intelligence site where I attempt to write in a way that makes it easier for both genders to connect with the piece without compromising analysis and insight. Despite having no journalistic education – I was thrilled to know many professional women did find my business/economics/IT related articles very connecting.

Being a VOF will be an honour, the most privileged opportunity among all opportunities I have encountered in recent times. I applied for VOF simply because my community’s vision needs a voice. I thought of being a VOF meticulously – as it requires commitment and hard work. I asked myself “Will I be able to devote months in training ,manage my undergrad 2nd year study and do all my current collaborative work with organizations ?” the answer was YES ! prioritizing the most passionate and productive medium (VOF) is my key.

I like to use my strengths energetically – and transform my weaknesses into strengths as well . As an adult dyslexic, I daydream a lot ! but I use my imagination to devise creative plans to counter many societal/individual problems. As a HSP , I find myself at unease in new, chaotic situation but my natural ability to connect deeply with complete strangers help me understand individuals from a whole new different perspective. I strongly believe VOF will allow me to 'teleport' my vision and nurture my abilities to shine light on stories, concurrently.

I don’t like talking much about problems as much I like talking about solutions – Most in my country talks about issues – it’s time for us to 'change the conversation', it’s time for my community to have a ‘VOF’ !

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Good luck! I really enjoy your posts and can't believe I have only now discovered you too :)

"I envisage community where women of any economic class can hold a public office and have a say in public affairs. We see rich, influential woman making their way to the top, often disconnected from the issues of economically deprived women. "

This is so true as we have a woman leader of the opposition party but because it is alleged she is a lesbian, the men in the party are now seeking to remove her from the head of the party, even though she is intellectually capable of running the party and they put her in this position of power even when they "knew" of the allegations ...

Here is very "Conservative" but I would say hypocritical is the apt word, i.e. we can have male PMs who abuse their wives, drink and have sexual relations outside of their marriage producing children from different women but that is how things are done "bout hey" ... but being a lesbian is WRONG! Argggh they make me so mad!!!!!

'Harlem: A Dream Deferred' - Langston Hughes What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— Like a syrupy sweet?

Goodness ! I can relate to your frustration. Hypocrisy is more prevalent in politics ! Her sexual orientation is just an excuse. They just don't want here running the party. It's shocking to find male politicians having extra- martial affairs, producing kids and when their scandal stories get on air - they bring out their wives with and ask for forgiveness on pres conference :S :S How many times you see a women doing that ?

Hi Farona,

You did a nice job on this essay. You're battling ignorance kind of goes along with my post. We're thinking along the same lines!!

Good luck! Noreen


“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

Aimee Knight


Thank you aimeeknight ! it's been a pleasure reading your posts every week - I hope you would continue to post and keep on sharing your stories ;- ) Much Love