I will lit all candles with hope, we can see even if it is dark.
  • I will lit all candles with hope, we can see even if it is dark.

“House and houses” was my favorite childhood game; in which we acted as mom or dad living in a house we built with rocks. One was not enough and we kept building until we had many houses where we served a special kind of food made from clay and decorated with plants and flowers. From our imagined homes we then began our play in a theater of wide open dreamlands! Nowadays everything has changed; modern buildings are all that we see and the electronic games are all that we have; but nothing has changed in the Palestinian Refugee Camps where they have neither electronic games nor land! Silence was all that I could hear, when suddenly the sky was lit up with colorful lights and booming sounds, I ran out of my bed to see what was happening; it wasn’t fireworks but our neighbor’s house was being completely destroyed and israeli soldiers where there demanding us to empty our houses or threatening to destroy them over our heads! “Am I in Palestine?” I said amidst my confusion, I started shouting but no one could hear me. “Get up fufu, it’s time to go to work”; it was one of my nightmares!! LAND is not only a 4-letter word, it is (L=Life) (A=Aim) (N=NO.13) (D=Democracy), Jordan is my motherland but Palestine is my real HOMELAND. Could I play in my homeland one day! Could 2010 be the year of love and peace that make my dreams come true?

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This is such a powerful story of displacement and oppression. I cannot begin to imagine how it has been for you, your family and community to grow up under fire, under constant threats of your home being taken away from you, of living as refugees while seeing wealth and good fortune just across the way. Thank you for sharing this moving and sad story about Land. I hope that you will one day realize your dream of playing in your homeland, a recognized country by the name of Palestine.

p.s. if you wish, feel free to post the flag of your homeland, Palestine, by editing your profile.

Hello Janice!

Thank you for your lovely comment :-)

My feelings toward my homeland is growing day by day, and as I see what happens there my heart and soul start to feel sad. and my dreams, if I could sleep then, turns to "horror movies" because of death scenes that happens there! I live in Jordan now and I love that when I look to the west, where the sunset, where Palestine is and start sending warm kisses to my occupied land, and try to imagine the everyday life there :-( it calls pulse to my heart :-( and I can't hide my tears anymore!..

I used to go to Umm Qais, a place north Jordan where I can see parts Palestinian land, I sat there writing and singing and talking to my occupied land, Palestine, telling her that I am here, your daughter is here :-( may be I am not standing on the land of you but be sure that you are staying on the land of my heart for ever.

:-) I don't want to leave without drawing a smile on your face, I love being here and love to have many lovely people like you who wishes me and all refugees and homeless a better life on this earth, thank you :-)

p.s: thank you for your p.s, but I didn't know that I will find Palestine in the list! I don't remember that I found Palestine listed in any account information I had signed up for! it is always "israel"!!! thank you for this golden note :-)

Ammoura, Fawzia

Your first paragraph reminded me of my childhood, playing games, creating homes and food out of thin air, or chairs and blankets. The next piece about what happens to children living in the midst of war and oppression is a nightmare, a living one for too many children in this world.

Your story is filled with hope, which is a powerful tool against oppression. I believe that it takes imagination to foresee a better, safer, peaceful world, and to share that vision with others to build that reality out of rocks, chairs, dreams and hope.

Thank you for sharing your voice here. I look forward to reading more of your stories and ideas.

All my best,


Dear Fawzia,

It is heartbreaking to read about your peaceful youth of stone houses and game playing, being replaced by the harsh realities of refugee camps for your people. I had a similar game in my youth, but rather than stones, my girlfriends and I used snow to build a small village. I pray for peace in your homeland and that one day your children can grow up building stone houses in a free and recognized Palestine. I thank you for courageously sharing your story of Land.

Warm regards, Jade

My dearest Jade,

Thank you very much for your lovely message, the word PALESTINE touch my heart and soul... I always have tears in my eyes when I think about Palestine, the homeland of my soul! yesterday my wonderful friend gave me an old coin of Palestine, it is the most wonderful gift ever, she told me today that I looked like a child when I was looking at it, actually my eyes and heart were dancing :-)

My childhood was colorful in a black world! we didn't realise what was going on in this earth! but I had never forgot my father's eyes... and silence. Now, I know every thing. MY CHILDREN, hmmm my English friend asked me one day about how many children fufu (me) wants? I took minutes of silence then looked into his eyes and said: If I get marry out of Palestine I want three of four, But If I am in Palestine then I want a baby every year :-) I will tell my children every thing about their land... the land they must be living and playing on it.

I love the picture of snow village, white village; peaceful color with peaceful hearts... I love that :-) may love, peace and respect spread in this world.

Have a lovely day full of sunshine that flows from your white heart :-)


Ammoura, Fawzia

Fawzia, Thank you for showing us the path from your childhood, to your current life, and then with a hint of your future? I am reminded that as children we do all get along and we do play together and imagine and build, but then we become adults and lose all that (it seems). Somehow we have to touch the child within us again to be on that dreamland stage where anything, especially peace, is possible! Thank you for your story! Marlies

Hello Marlies!

Thank you for your comment, I love the picture you draw for the child within us. it is the escape from the dark thoughts and pictures of today's life. it is comforting that there are many people listen to the child inside them, not ignoring it.

The child inside me has grown in difficult time, but my eyes could see colours although every thing was dark! and I still see this colour although the world is getting darker! and I have a beautiful image of my future in a world I don't know how it would be! this colour is the colour of HOPE!

I believe that one day we will be able to see the world clearly after we colour it with our HOPE :-) what I love here in PulseWire community that we share the same noble goals.

thank you again and have a lovely day

Ammoura, Fawzia

A wondeful potrayal of your land and longing. May god return peace to your land soon so that your children can play the same game at the same place.

Keep writing and sharing your feelings.

Lots of Love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Hello Nusrat!

Thank you for your comment and for your wishes of having peace in my land.... and thank you also for the picture you draw in my mind of my children playing on their real land. It is a lovely picture that people living away from their land dream of, and maybe a reminder for other people living on their land to realise the value of the gift of free and peaceful land... so that they will enjoy living on it and will take care of it!

Lots of Love , peace and respect

Ammoura, Fawzia

Dear F, So touching, I pray for peace in every land, I pray for love in every land and I Pray for Unity in spite of great diversity. May almighty God restore our land. Loads of Love,

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Dear Olutosin,

Thank you for your sweet and lovely comment. I love your prayers that shines from your pure heart... it touchs my soul & heart. May Almighty God restore our land!

love, peace and respect always


Ammoura, Fawzia

Very moving and touching story. Thank you for sharing. What is happening in Palestine is really heartbreaking and like you we all hope it shall end one day. Reading the part about building play houses brought a smile to my face because i remember doing that as a child.



very great story .I pray to play it in your homeland Thank you for sharing this story about Land and our heart and soul be with you

keep writing and sharing us your feeling and we will be with you

your friend asmahan

Thank you Asmahan for your lovely wishes and pure spirit! Thank you for being by my side for the last couple of years which continues to reach my dream in playing in my land... it is my greatest pleasure to meet you.

With much love always,

Ammoura, Fawzia