Yesterday was a big day for Turkey. I woke up, suit up and went to the school where we'll vote. I knew that, when the vote results make public it'll be so bad for Turkey but at least a lot of people take responsible of their civic duty and go for vote. Voting was started at 8 oclock on the morning and finished 6 oclock in the evening. All Turkish people were so nervous about voting. Then the results.. We knew that a lot of people will say YES for changing the organic law and so it happened.. I was almost crying.. The government know well how to use the people's feeling about the religion so also they know how to deceive if they have any money problem.. So Erdoğan kind of force people to say YES.. And now i feel so bad about my country because we all know that our forefathers gave their life for this country make alive and now my people behaving like they dont want to be free.. I dont understand what they want!! They want to become an other Ottoman Empire!!! Erdoğan is using my people and my country.. And also ministers are the same..

This referandum was a huge lie..

I don't know what to do for my people to wake them up..

So sad..

Feyza Papak

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Almost all of my Turkish friends and other friends who have lived in Turkey for many, many years were against the changes for different reasons, some because they didn't agree with the changes themselves, some because they were against the way the referendum was held (because you could only vote yes or no for the whole package of changes, not for separate proposals). I don't think anyone I know was happy about the referendum.

Thanks Myrthe.I'm so happy you are interested in with this situation.

Me and my all friends have the same idea of this referandum but the next day of referandum you have to see all people were so relax and happy, it made me so much disappointed. We all know now someone (USA) is supporting to this govenment. Do you know what they want?? They want to make Turkey as a buffer zone between muslim countries and europe. Thats why they don't want to take us to EU and the funny part of this situation you can ask a lot of young Turkish people about EU you'll get one single answer which is NO! Everything is going on as a plan. Even these people make us fight inside, you know about kurdish people and the other ethnicities. For Turkey all of us are belongs to Turkey as a Turkish but with this govenment we are forcing to separate for real inside.

Even i feel like they're getting more and more muslim. I'm not muslim but also i don't have problems with them but i know for sure soon it'll be a problem being non muslim and turkish. Let's see..