On the roadside the junction to be precise puzzled Forty kilometers from my maiden home Nine kilometers from my marital home In the rain i stood As the sun set How will she feel? And what about them Public opinion meant nothing, But mama, papa and children.

The heartache was to continue This time from outside A suit case, a plastic bag with shoes The only memoirs of 12 youthful years of energy and hard work No tears could come Dry as pressing for water out of a rock Twelve years it was All liquid was depleted from glands

Stable the virus, spared me In court the children I sought, in vain But not property Despite the union factor to-date Character marred by the years of pain and separation evidence in their actions The ex can not provide The beast of burden I stand firm Comfort zone in the presence of my offspring’s No worry, education set me forth Mother was but a shield and strength despite the age of ‘no women in school’ Income is forthcoming Life skills inherent Utmost God’s providence

I lack avenue Rather I thought no available avenue to change the world World pulse a reminder Procrastination has to end Share your soul and mind

The world catching fire with virus Four hundred new infections daily on the map Treatment a luxury for less than half Information the missing link Airtime now available on world pulse An amazing and timely opportunity An alpha and yet if purposive the omega for change

This heals the thirsty Year by year of yearning it has been A vintage for restoration and satisfaction Another change in person or other,why not! A classroom of miracles Spider house for questions, acquaintances and solutions Rest at last A call, a point of no return A new wave of action Woman take the charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.


This is so powerful. I was drawn in from the first line. You have a beautiful way of capturing the challenges of your time and place.Your words are at once thought-provoking, disturbing and healing. Keep writing!

p.s. If this is for VOF, please edit it so that it is tagged: 2013 VOF Week 2. That will ensure it contributes to your application.

OMG Flavia, Your poem tells the story in just a few lines. Yes world Pulse is here to help you heal. I love it Thx

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Oh, Flavia....

Your writing not only gave me the goose bumps, but also took my breath away. As I write this I feel the burning in eyes as the tears rush in...

The virus has taken a terrible swath through your country, among others, and changed the future of generations to come - what few there may be.

I am so pleased that you have found the World Pulse community, and that it comes as a place of healing and safety. Keep expressing yourself with your poetry. You ROCK at it. :)

Best to you, Julie

~ Julie Thompson