Life skills are those skills that help us to appreciate ourselves, appreciate others and be able to make useful decisions at any time in life participatory when we are facing challenges

So are you proud of you and can you boast of being life skills compliant - are yo assertive, confident in you, a good communicator, how about your negotiation skills, do you think critically, are you creative in what you do, how about making decisions do you weigh the options?

Many of us do not have this but is we do the self starter is slow - we often quit easy and often accept our sorry status as if there is no tomorrow.

World pulse s an effort to build this, by believing in yourself and writing and being accepted means we are becoming slowly but surely life skills compliant.

Ask your self, what makes you more effective as a girls or a woman in this money economy

make a personal audit and see what keeps you up or down


Thanks Flavia,

I am so proud to be part of this amazing circle which I already feel attached to.

Love and respect to everyone.


just too proud of who I am and seeing myself impacting lives on this platform thru my skills is fulfilling. thanks for sharing.

Just Endah

I am proudly life skills compliant!

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My dear, I have a great fear to have my personal audit of my skills. After getting married, I have been continuously listening what is bad in me from my loved one, although, I know what am I. I hardly have the courage of doing a personal audit of my own. Please excuse me..... Minakshi

Dear Flavia, It's so amazing to read this piece from you. Sincerely I just read Pela's article and there she questioned where she got her skills from. I responded by telling her thet we all are born with life skills, and which develop as we grow. After closing her page, I read your article on being a life skill compliant. That really moved me. Thank You!


For ability to wade the odds is based on Life skills. Some are inborn but can be subdued by culture religion, environment.

So training in life skills to boost the inborn skills and the inert (what we have but arent aware of) will go a long way to build our girls and repair women like us that have been scarred

I love the exchanges in this team

Best regards

Thank you for reminding us that for us to survive in this world, we need life skills that we will always keep us going. for those of us who do not have, we must work hard on it and for those that have, we must continue to improve on it.

I use to do a personal assessment by asking friends and colleagues what my attitude and general life perception are. I dont know what happened but i have not done it for a while. Maybe i will try it again, it does help a lot

thank you once again.

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