Growing up as a young woman, I have always noticed that women, irrespective of their origin or class, are a special specie of God’s creation…

They are special not just because of the multiple roles they play in society as wives, mothers, housekeepers, breadwinners and social development agents, but also because of the natural abilities bestowed on them by nature to be able to do all these- whatever their status!

I’ve always pondered on these roles with admiration, and a deep desire to effectively fulfil them all and help others do same, has generated into a passion. I believe women’s true beauty lies in realizing this privilege, and it’s equally an opportunity to make a positive contribution to their world.

However, I also discovered with some disappointment, that several factors impede a vast majority of women from reaching these goals. Such factors run from gender discrimination in professional and socio-cultural milieu, to economic stagnation and lack of personal growth in major areas of life.

At this point, I saw the need for, and appraised the world campaign for women’s empowerment in order to fill this gap. I knew from the start that I wanted to be part of this campaign, to make my voice heard through contributions to the global fight.

A fight for survival in a male-dominated world, not as a docile individual but as a partner in protecting women’s rights and promoting world peace; a fight not for dominion, but for combined efforts against numerous insecurities and injustices most women go through from people who perpetuate such acts, either by ignorance of the negative effects on women; by design because the society has taught them it’s the normal thing to do, or by some women themselves upon fellow women!

World Pulse proved to be a good platform to join in the campaign. I first discovered World Pulse in 2009, and immediately acknowledged that it provides the resources to promote women through interaction and exchange of ideas, as well as projects that portray the better picture of womanhood.

When World Pulse launched it’s 2010 “Voice of Our Correspondents” applicants programme, I said to myself, “ there’s no way I’m going to miss out this time!” So I enrolled for the applicants’ programme with the hope of benefiting from their rich training, so I can in the course of it and thereafter, significantly make a difference in my world regarding the cause, however small.

Through World Pulse’s “Voice of the Future Correspondents” programme, I can add my voice to global campaigns against injustices on women such as violence, share empowerment ideas with other women through my journal, and initiate or take part in projects geared towards empowering women. What is more amazing…is that this is available to every woman, wherever they are, whatever they’re going through, thanks to the power of web 2.0. I’m proud to be one of those women!

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Fighting for survival in a male dominated world but women filled world.....May all your beautiful dreams come through and true...Worldpulse has given the platform to be who we want to be and I believe that women from the developing world will benefit most because we have yearned for this platform for so long. Ain't we happy that Worldpulse is opened to us all without any impediment? Thanks for pointing out the factors that impedes and how to move about successfully in our campaign and voice raising tactics. Well done dear lady.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

You're right,the world is more women-filled...

Indeed, women from the developing world have this chance to raise their voices to global trends and share their experiences, thanks to this platform. Only trouble is...many would have to surmount the challenges of the technological requirements/facilities, in order to achieve their dream or satisfy their thirst for expression. But as i've always believed, every worthwhile challenge can be overcome with knowledge and time!

Thanks, Irene


Hello sister, Proud to know women like you are part of this global fight.Your ideas and writing style inspires and encourages. Hugs

"I don`t just want to tell stories,I want to change stories"

Chi Yvonne Leina

Thanks for sharing your story my fellow Camer sister. It is certainly one thing to be self-aware and I applaud you on your passionate mission. Cant wait to read more from you.

One luv :-)

Blog: Threads of Our Fabric Project

Thanks my Camer sister,

It's a great project you got there, with great ideas.

I'm sure with shared interests, we can get to network into something!



Dear Irene, I couldn't agree more, women can be wives, mothers, housekeepers, breadwinners and at the same time can be good managers or successful leaders but they just have to unravel their passion as you do.

Great to have you here!

Regards, Aida.

Thanks Aida,

I try to always be engaged in doing just what i'm passionate about, and i guess that just sometimes speaks for itself without my notice:)

Nice to be connected to someone in the Balkan area!

Kind regards, Irene


Dear Irene

I am really inspired by your holistic approach in identifying the issues and injustices that women face. I too agree that is not an issue about one or the other, man or woman, mother or career woman. I think it is so important to find ways to embrace all the roles that women play and can play uncompromisingly given opportunities and the freedom to aspire whilst creating partnerships to realise this.

Wishing you well


You're right Tina,

If women can effectively and passionately play their roles in every area, while joining hands to lift up those who're under any form of disadvantage, they would be reflecting the beauty that they really are, and were created to be.

Cheers, Irene


HI Irene,

Your words are eloquent and your vision is inspiring. I am glad that there are women like you in this world to help empower others.

I hope that you continue to share your story and ideas through World Pulse!


Truely, i've found a safe haven in World Pulse, to learn, share and connect with women worldwide, about issues important to us and global peace.

Thanks for the encouraging words.