About Me: Hi! My name is Kendall Braunstein and my friend, Shannon O'Connor, and I are two activists fighting for justice in our world, particularly for women. We started our fight this year, and are in the process of formalizing our organization, FOR (Fight for Our Rights). We are two seventeen year old women who believe passionately in equality for all people and life. Our journey together is just beginning and we plan on making the world a more just and equitable place - one step at a time. Like many of you, it is our goal and promise to help as many people as we can, and one of our first steps towards our goal is educating ourselves about the world around us as best we can because we believe that education is the key to success. It was through reading the inspiring and heart-crushing (in a good way) book 'Half the Sky' that led me to this site, which seems a perfect place to learn of new and effective ways to get involved in helping others fight for their voice, while we share our own voice and initiative. We hope to expand our organization with time and will continue to keep posts sharing with all of you, our journey and our battle, which we hope you will soon join! Thank you!

My Passions: I like to read, walk, think, listen to music, and indugle in chocolate and tea.

My Challenges: Facing discrimination and trying to understand the reason behind oppression.

My Vision for the Future: Graduating with a degree in Women's and Gender studies so that I may effectively run an organization that aids women and children around the world.

My Areas of Expertise: Language and law (mind you, I only have a Grade Eleven credit - but I like both areas).


i read your profile and i was delighted.so young yet, you have the desire to reach out and help.that is commendable.what endeared me to you is your love for reading.can you guys reach out to children in need?please i would love you to visit my website.www.edenchildren.com.ng and see there is a way you can help these kids.i believe in your vision and i am sure you will do wonders....cheers.chizo

Wow! Shannon and I would love to visit your website! Thank you for taking your time to read about us, as we hope to make a difference in as many lives as we can. We will absolutely check out your website and try to help these children, as it would be our pleasure to help these kids. Thank you for sharing and we will do or best!

Hi Kendall

As i write this, there's a huge, i mean really huge smile on my face and a flatter in my spirit knowing that there are young spirited minds that still exist. Young women that live outside themselves and who have minds that reach out to the world. Just by participating on this platform you've already instilled something in most of us. Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow because they are young adults like you who still believe in fighting for a life. you are on your way Kendall for your voice has and is touching the hearts of many. Keep up the momentum.