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I was thinking, that how we can change Pakistan in a positive way. What can we do for making Pakistan a safe homeland where equality can rule and injustice can be eradicated? I am such a person who always wants to contribute in society in a positive change want to change so many things; but I could find any platform for that, I always wish that some day I could do anything for the people to want our help. I am not the only one who thinks in this way but I am damn sure that half of the women want to do something which could bring change in our country.

Women empowerment can play a key role in bringing change in Pakistani Society. Once Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1944) said: "No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners. There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in which our women have to live." Mohammad Ali Jinnah, 1944 (taken from the US Library of Congress report "Pakistan - A Country Study") Gender relations in Pakistan rest on two basic perceptions that women are subordinate to men, and that a man's honor resides in the actions of the women of his family. Thus, as in other orthodox Muslim societies, women are responsible for maintaining the family honor. To ensure that they do not dishonor their families, society limits women's mobility, places restrictions on their behavior and activities, and permits them only limited contact with the opposite sex. Space is allocated to and used differently by men and women. Most women spend the major part of their lives physically within their homes and courtyards and go out only for serious and approved reasons. Outside the home, social life generally revolves around the activities of men. In most parts of the country, except perhaps in Islamabad, Karachi, and wealthier parts of a few other cities, people consider a woman--and her family--to be shameless if no restrictions are placed on her mobility. We can bring change in the society if we were allowed to do something, but from where we should get started. Is there any platform for the women to just get together for any cause and the answer is no. Unfortunately in Pakistan no such organization has been formed for the women that could motivate our future generation in such positive way that can bring change in our society. There is no concept of services rendered by our women because such activities are not being supported or praised. Most of the people are thinking that what we can do, but if want a change in the society so we have to come out and start working on any cause together without any discrimination. In my point of view our women is not lack in ideas of changing our society but proper guidance is not being provided to us. Pakistan media and online networks like Pulse Wire is booming and ruling on every person educating about every aspect of life but they are also doing nothing for women. We could formed such platform like Pulse Wire and other online community networks like face book and practical networks in which they can hire the services of women in highlighting and solving different problems of society and the result will definitely be good. Through this we could also control the rising violence against women, it will bring change also and our society will be saved from further destruction. Recognizing the centrality of economic empowerment of women I advocate that the women should have the ownership and control of assets, equal access to credit, employment, education, information and participation in decision making bodies at all level. To summarize I must say that; The women should be integrated into every level of policy making while formulating and implementing of micro-economic and social policies; Women should be given representation, both effective and adequate at all levels in the Government; An effective mechanism has to be instituted to enable the women in decision making at all levels of the government; The women should be given access and control over production resources such as credit and technology; Adoption of measures to prevent and eliminate all form of violence against women.

Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere (Speak Out)

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change.


Hi, It is so good to see another fellow worker with whom I share a lot and can relate too. Your write-up is very interesting. I have worked on the PARC (Peoples Action Committee) platform for a couple of years and nice to hear about it again. I agree with you that there is a dire need of a local platform where women of one region can raise their voices about the similar issues they are facing. Keep up the good work!

Best, Rose.

Iffat Gill

This was a very powerful article! Thank you for demonstrating the pressing need for change in Pakistan. I agree that women need protection under the law and government, especially protection from violence and equal access to property ownership. I hope that your article may inspire more women in Pakistan to get involved in online communities.

Best, Frances

Hi Fovaisi,

I like your vision of how power and resources should be shared. I hope it turns out that way in our generation.



Hello, Fatima, Thank you for your clear explanation that a woman's restrictions in mobility in Pakistan are "connected" to a man's "honor." While I disagree with that concept, as you do, no one has been able to explain the "reasoning" to me so clearly until you just did. Thank you!

I agree with all of the goals that you outlined in your article, and I would love to think that they are achievable during our lifetime. (I sure hope so!)

Do you think it's possible that World Pulse can help unite the women of Pakistan? Do many Pakistani women have access to a computer and web 2.0 like you do?

Keep up the great work, and I liked that you included a relevant quote (and its citation.) Good job!


Dear Judy

First of all really thanks for your complements where as your question is concerned yes its true the rural women dont have much education and are not literate for using internet but whats my point of view is I can be their voice or he females like me i.e. my colleagues my friends can share their stories at World Pulse. In this way we can empower them with their own narratives...

Thats all the idea I have in my mind..

Thanks again

In Solidarity

Fatima :)