My life suffered a turmoil last year: my mother passed away unexpectedly. I had recently returned to Guatemala after completing my master’s degree scholarship in Spain. My mind had widely broadened by the cumulus of stimuli offered by the variety of the context I wasn’t used to experience, new places and faces, different points of view, good things and others not so good, but in the end, facts that enriched myself to a whole new level. At the same time, I had the impression on my return, that I would be following the footsteps the majority of my friends had already taken before: boyfriend, commitment, marriage, children and Sunday afternoon reunions with all those who previously had acquired the "husband and wife" status.

Well, all went down the drain in a flick of a switch… I remained wondering who had turned the lights off. Something I’ve always missed to understand, is that I tend to look at the bright side of things instead of the gray-shaded or black ones. But this time, I was really way out of my orbit, feeling part of the Apollo 13 crew. I was determined to get this straight "All by MySelf" (...and here comes Eric Carmen to my mind, sorry for the music pause, inevitable), but, sincerely, I was messing everything up! In the midst of troublesome times though, the light of God shines through someone eager to risk herself to help you out. And so, I discovered a valuable treasure in two girlfriends, that no matter what, they would do anything to cheer me up and make lighter the unbearable weight of emotions and pain placed over my shoulders, of the loss of my mom and consequential legal paperwork.

One of them, particularly, established a very profound relationship with me, in which we would be delightedly having a coffee and speaking about her work, that relates to issues about feminicide and gender violence in our country. I was unaware about the impact that this would do to me, but I started analyzing, how things could be way much better, if women had actually an empowerment tool, a special union. Since I am related to things concerning to cultural heritage and education, I commenced to think in strategies, so in the future, not so far away, this could be achieved.

This idea was running through my mind, performing acrobatic jumps and falls, when I received my weekly e-mail bulletin of Indesgua, an organization that publishes the scholarships and grants opportunities around the globe. And there it was, between a storytelling contest and a short-term course in India, the Voices Rising program at World Pulse! Instinctively, I clicked over the link, and what can I say, I’m here, writing!, spending joyously my time discovering a new side of me, but mostly a whole new world full of admirable women who set examples to follow. I’m learning and I’m enamored, (not in the boyfriend-conventional way); starting to rise my voice.

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Hi dear, I hope you had a beautiful day ,not quite sure of the time differences between Guatemala and South Africa. Just wanted to say that I can relate to the pain and at times confusing phase you have been through. in 2010 I lost my mother after a short illness, some how over the past three years I had come to discover that I then lost part of me. My softness and ability to cry when my body feels pain.

I thought that I had to be strong for my 2 sisters, almost drowned myself playing Superwoman with my emotions. This unexplainable pain that overtime if not dealt with presents itself in forms of sickness and emotional imbalances. I am sorry for your loss dear and please do be gentle with yourself and allow the process to complete itself.

And hey! Keep writing because you write with so much honestly reading this article it almost felt like I was listening to you speak. Simple to read and speaks volume.

Keep your fire for life burning.

Keep your fire burning!

I'm always inspired by your beautiful words. Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your personal experience. It gives me hope to know I'm not alone, and that love will triumph over death, giving us a whole new perspective in life, as personal values that transform and strengthen ourselves. Hope to read you soon!


Amen! love will triumph over death our is to keep hoping for the best and God will make things workout for own good.

Have a beautiful evening!

Keep your fire burning!

if there is a pain now i take it this way - it can take us to the next level where we learn from that pain, make use of that opportunity to step on the next rung of the ladder to reach better heights. we may getting into another painful stage but the intensity is taken so light this time. keep going. waiting to read more from you.


Merlin James

I agree with what you say. It is better to see the ladder not as an obstacle, but a way to climb up and get to the top. Beautiful metaphor, a big hug! Thank you, again for your kind words.


Your honesty and authenticity comes pouring through your words and it is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey through the painful loss of your mother -- telling your story is healing for you and inspiring for your listeners because it gives them the power to persevere through their darker times.

Keep posting and inspiring.



Your comforting words come to me at the right moment. Thank you some much, and I'm so glad I can share with all the WP community a little bit of who I am, thanks to my mother, an amazing human being. A big hug!


Querida Gabi Leerte me remonta irremediablemente a mi propia historia. Me refiero a la parte donde no haces lo que se espera que hagas, pero que al mismo tiempo vives enamorada y esperanzada. Me alegra mucho encontrarte, por muchas razones, incluidas el idioma y tu voluntariado con las personas ciegas. recibe muchos saludos desde México Klaudia

Klaudia González

Yo también me puse muy contenta de conocerte. Eres mi primera latinoamericana con quien puedo compartir y a través de nuestro idioma, que me es muy emocionante. Y como tú dices, también con temáticas sociales que nos relacionan! Qué alegría! Estaremos en contacto seguido espero! Un abrazote grande desde Guate!


Hello Gabi,

It is touching to read your story, how a personal tragedy hit your life and forced you to change the direction of your life. I liked your quote: "

I’m here, writing!, spending joyously my time discovering a new side of me, but mostly a whole new world full of admirable women who set examples to follow."

I am happy that you able to channel that in a positive way and chose to touch other people's lives. Keep up the good work and keep writing!

Kind regards.

Iffat Gill

I`m glad I've found this community. Is so encouraging to listen and to be heard. Amazing waves of love and peace through writing, and small posts as yours, that for me is enormous feedback for my soul. A big hug!


Beautiful journey… A painful loss of a loved one sometimes leads us to chaos, but then if you keep looking, you may find someone totally new – in you and in others. I lost my grandpa a year or so ago, it changed so much – still hard for me to put into words. But it has strengthen even more my ties with my mom, and made me what to look after her and give back all the love she gave me. I glad you followed your instinct and found WorldPulse. Keep writing… I will keep coming back for more.

gracias por compartir tu historia. me has hecho reflexionar


La pérdida de un ser querido te hace ver de una forma completamente diferente muchos aspectos de tu vida, y en ellos descubres detalles, que antes talvez pasabas por alto. Impressive how life is. Puts you into so much chaos, but makes you find the light, which turns out to be something you always find beautiful and precious. I'm glad you got to find something really amazing with your mom, and I hope you'll get even more than you expect. Life surprises us all, and makes us become believers, too. Thank your for sharing your experience, it made my heart jump from joy! Aprovecha a tu mamá al máximo! Un fuerte abrazo.