About Me: I hold a Masters in English Literature and am currently researching on the use of child soldiers in conflict zones as portrayed in literature in my PhD thesis. I have participated at various programs organised by Bauchi Human Rights Network, and have served as an intern at the Lagos State House of Assembly. I am confident that when more women participate in government, the rights of women become achievable!

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Welcome to PulseWire Gbemi! Your work sounds fascinating and I'd love to hear more about it. I encourage you to post in your journal to let the community know more about your thesis, as well as your experience as a woman interning in government. I agree--we need more women represented in government, in every country!

Thanks Corine, I am very much glad to be a part of this. And yes, I will post my discoveries from my studies in my journal. Although I am already done with my internship, I am making plans to set up a blog, that will not only detail my experiences, but will also provide insight about legislative governance. I look forward to sharing this with the community. I am very encouraged by your comment and will be glad to hear from you again. Cheers!

Your Truly,

Gbemisola Abiola