The land teaches ancient ways, wisdom ways. She untangles the city from my soul, weaving my heart into the fabric of all space and time. She embraces my burdens, and transforms them into sunflowers. The land infuses my blood with the song of creation and rekindles my sense of belonging. She exposes my soul to the wind and stars, polishing and purifying the course of my life.

I am shaped by her expansive open spaces, high empty hills and tall swaying grasses, the ripple of river, the whisper of snow, the rhythm of cricket, the wing beat of crow, the holy confusion of sunlight on water, the sound of bees, the scent of trees.

I go to the mountain top, gathering range upon moon lit range of her vastness. I go to the canyon and gather the pulse of her silence. I go to the river, gathering the effervescent dance of her joy. I go to the groves and gather her stillness.

Filled with her embrace, I return to my people in service to their wholeness. Celebrating, nurturing, and strengthening all beings, as the earth has steadily nourished, celebrated and strengthened me. With the laughter of life coursing through, I can embrace adversity and dance it into peace; I can work my roots into the granite sandstone grain of this place, drawing up blessings to emanate skyward; I can be fully human, sharing the prayer of my core and essence with all beings in the web of life.

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I greatly enjoyed your entry about land. I love that you show the interconnectedness of this earth with our place here too. Your words are soulful and strong. Thank you!


I am happy to share. Thank you for the strong and soulful feedback! I so enjoy these global writings. As we share about the land, it's as if the earth itself has a chance to speak.

Dear Genevieve, I like this entry because it is very positive. It is full of hope and home and it makes me feel like the Earth is a mother. Thanks for writing this! Maria