Judith Dembetembe Chiyangwa "I was disturbed by the repoirt in the Sunday Mail this weekend about young girls aged 9 prostituting for food alond the Mukuvisi river. A 9 year old is supposed to be in school doing grade 4 and enjoying being a child. Now they are exposed to STI's , HIV, hooliganism and excessive drug abuse. What can we do about this? The report says their customers are adult males who come from the Industries who pay them a $1 or sometimes other boys of the same age in exchange for food. What has the world come to? How can we help!!

I subscribe to the group Girl LEgacy in Zimbabwe and this is the topic of discussion right now. Please go to the page and give comments if you know what we can do. This is a problem that is has been aroudn in Zimabbwe for a while but we are only realising its magnitude now. http://www.facebook.com/pages/PaGokoro-Restaurant/169942753057145?sk=wal...


Holy Life!

I never get to understand wickedness committed against children... Why would an adult want to do this to a child? I think this simply shows how the human society has sunk low and until we-women, all over the world join their voice in one accord and speak against this malady, i fear the worst is yet to come.

I have joined my voice, will you?

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very sad news, but I think its the only one news whcih has came out, like it many stories exist in the world. Due to economic prolem many women are prostituting.

Peace Seeker,

Yeah, on the FB group Girls Legacy, a team of women went to find out what to do for those young girls and now a fundraising mission has been started to try and help them out. It is very sad that thinsg have come to this, and all for financial security.