Accra is set and ready to welcome President Barack Obama from the United States of America.

Many eyes are ready to catch a glimpse of him. Many hands wish to just come into contact with him through handshake.

Joannes suggests that I buy him African beads if ever i get the opportunity to met him. Then I started thinking. Is there a possibility of me meeting President Obama if I get the opportunity to meet him what is that particular issue on my heart about children, young people and women would I like to discuss with him?

So I am asking all of us-If ever you get the opportunity to meet the president of your country or President Obama what is that buring development issue would you like to discuss with him? We are listening.Share with us. He maybe be listening as well you never know. Lets tell him.


I liked the beads part. :)

I think women in Africa love beads. I have seen lots of pics of african women with beads. I too love them but here they are not so common though women have started wearing them of late.

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Nusrat, i am glad you like the beads part. It speaks so much about our culture. it is an economic venture for most women here.

Perhaps we could talk to the president to help us give women some training and marketing support. By so doing we would working towards eradicating Millenium Development Goal 1-Eradication extreme poverty and hunger. As the women could make more beautigul beads, package and sell them and have some money to support themselves and their families.

Thanks for your comments dear. All the best.

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

I believe the event happened already. Please, tell us, since I am very curious, have you seen hiom, or how was the amosphere? What happened? What do you feel now?

I met his sister last fall.

Was really impressed!


With best wishes, Victoria

WorldPulse Community Champion

Environment Group


Hello Vic, I am curious as well about most things...maybe by now you might have evn realised it.

i thought since i couldn't send the report on Saturday, it is dead news. i still have the draft of the story in my book.

Your comments give me the impression that i still have to post it. I will dearie. thanks for the inspiration. Love, Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation