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I strongly believe that the voice of every woman-young or old, black or white, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, abled or disabled living in every spot of this world must be heard and respected from the bedroom to the boardroom.

From the developed cities with tarred streets to the forgotten, unknown and unnumbered villages and bushy paths, women’s voices remain vital in the development of any community or nation.

As a girl, I loved to speak on behalf of my peers on radio; advocating for the rights of children on ‘Curious- Minds’ weekly radio program.

As a young woman, I led discussions as a radio presenter for a youth program –‘Youth Action’ on radio Ghana where global issues that affect young people including girls and young women were discussed with young people as the panel for the discussions.

Using the power of the pen I wrote a number of feature stories in a national Youth magazine sponsored by the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) called GHAYA now The Spring Board on issues that affect girls including HIV and AIDS, Teenage Pregnancy and other Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health issues.

With a strong belief that the development and empowerment of girls and women is vital, I grabbed the opportunity to work with and for girls in rural community on PLAN Ghana/Curious Minds Rights of the Child Radio Project.

On this project, I led community -based activities on the education, promotion and protection of young people including girl’s rights. I also trained these girls on basic broadcasting skills and broadcasting ethics. The voices of these girls and other children on issues that affected them in their community were recorded and broadcasted. These girls speak on radio about issues that affect them in their community.

As I worked with these girls, their voices touched my heart and tormented me leading to the setting up The Greight Foundation, a registered Non -Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to researching, advocating and empowering girls and women.

My involvement in all of this inspired me to apply for the World Pulse maiden Voices of our Future Program so I could continue increasing the silent yet sacred voices of my sisters in Ghana to the world through PulseWire.

My outstanding passion to see change has given me the opportunity to represent and speak on behalf of young people in Ghana at international meetings such as One Young World Summit.

Over the years, I have gained local and international exposure, gathered experience in advocacy, sharpen my communication and interpersonal skills and ready to take up the challenge of continuously speaking, working for and with women for a positive change.

My vision, My Ideas

I envision a world where every girl and woman is empowered to break barriers and to speak for themselves on global issues that affect them in their communities; A community where the voices of girls and women will be heard and respected individually and collectively. A free, fair and safe space where the voices, views and stories of girls and women living in communities with no electricity, girls and women who have never seen a computer nor have internet connection will be heard and included in issues that affect them.

As a member of the World Pulse Board of Directors I will represent the voices of my sisters from the global south from Angola to Zimbabwe by feeding the board with news, stories and concerns from community members and ensuring that these voices are included in decisions that affect them.

I foresee using my experience, skills and expertise to shape the future of World Pulse. How? I look forward to using my networks to encourage more girls and women from all levels to join Pulsewire and to broadcast their stories.

I intend lobbing stakeholders to support projects and programs that will empower community members and women from the global south to continuously broadcast their stories in a free and fair space.

I am ready to learn how to support my sisters as their representative on the board in every way to continue broadcasting their stories, sharing their thoughts and ideas as well as networking with each other.

I look forward to discussing and brainstorming on new strategies to shape the future of Pulsewire in the board room.

I recommend that the board gives a chance to a young visionary voice on the board.


Gifty darling,

thank you so much, indeed it has been so long!!!!!!!!!!! I m doing good will be writing you an email soon, keep in touch dear

Love anjana

Gifty, you rock this world!

I agree - we must empower all women, everywhere, and especially our girls - from the very beginning - to know, trust and use their voices, also listening to others, questioning when necessary, fostering understanding and mutual respect/empowerment. Too often, especially in the US, girls are set up to compete with other girls at young ages, which continues into adulthood. They're taught to obey, be good, and perform. Linking girls wordwide to foster understanding, communication, friendship and positive growth/change... superb goals!

Amazing! -S

Gifty, Thank you for all that you are doing to raise the voices of the youth in Ghana. It's so great to see you again and I wish you all the best in your application. It will be a difficult choice. Janice

Dearest Gifty,

It's always a joy to read your journals - and I was so happy to see your application here today. You are a champion and role model for young women everywhere and it's women like you who will change the world. I really enjoyed reading your application as I feel closer to you now - in hearing your accomplishments and more of your vision.

In friendship, Jade

Hey Gifty!

How are you dear? Miss you alot!

I am glad that you are also appying for this position. You have a clear vision of what you really want to do in your future. I heartly welcome the way you provide the voices to people and children from Ghana. After meeting and talking with you, I am in awe how much I am inspired from your vision. All the best dear!

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

I just reached this beautiful piece and was able to see you in my mind, doing all this work! Like a little fairy, you do good unto other without telling them. You are gifted, my dear gifty, and I am humbled to be your friend.

I am here, count me in to do your job.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

Gifty dear,

Wow! wow! wow! I feel the intensity of your fire and passion! The power of the pen. You have a gift with words, Gifty. I am moved by the work you do to empower women in your local community, and in the World Pulse global community. You are a role model and inspiration! You're fire and passion is contagious. Your voice, your words, and your actions are changing the world. Keep it up!



You are so young yet brave. I love your desire for change. you really inspire me and I believe in you and I know you will reach far.

Keep up the spirit and never give up Best Romans 5:5

with love

Dear Gifty

Do you realize that Ghana has a gem of a person in you...your energy is incredible...you are such an amazing person, and i am always awed by you....I loved your speech at the OYW...and I love your essay here....Amazing, girl!

Love and wishes Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal