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As I begin the series of sharing my experiences Journeying with my mentor dubbed “Kathy and Gifty in the PulseWire Boat “I am filled with so much love, excitement, pride and nostalgia.

March /April 2009-The Genesis

When I first read the call for participation on the website of Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) on 11th March 2009, I had not in my wildest dreams that it was my call to the greatest connection with outstanding men and women from different cultures, continent, countires, race, background, heights, sizes but with one vision: to see women live better lives. When I started the programme, I knew of some connection but I never imagined that there was going to the greatest opportunity to build strong and healthy bonds, a platform that will challenge my creativity, an opportunity that will sharpen my writing skills, shape my world, and a free haven to share “maadwen”-(my perspectives), my dreams, ideas, solutions, answers to global issues as a young woman. Above all, to have life coach- a mentor, a friend, a dream partner to voyage with me.

May 2009-Confession

When I received the instruction of the mini assignment to write a love letter to a mentor (whom I had not seen or heard from yet) many questions rushed to my mind: Who is he or she? Why would he or she want mentor me? What does he or she do in life? How will our sessions be like? Forgive me, but I am curious and I like to ask a lot of questions which has sometimes land me in trouble as many people do not like that. So even though my questions were unanswered, I went ahead to write the letter. The words still ring bells in my mind:

Dear Mentor, …………………. I am thrilled to embark on this journey as a Correspondent with World Pulse. Being a correspondent for me, is a sacred opportunity and responsibility to internet my views and voice woman’s issues. I want to increase the volume of the silent loud voices of other sisters in every corner of Ghana. Honestly I feel honored to have you travel with me as a mentor on this journey. I believe you are a gift to me and you will leave indelible foot prints in my life as we journey together. I know you will listen, coach, encourage and teach me. I feel you are with me already. I appreciate the fact that you accepted to be my mentor. It means a lot to me. Thank you for all you will do to bring the best in me in the course of our voyage. I cannot wait to hear from you so that we start this life changing experience.

This is the link to the whole letter: http://www.worldpulse.com/node/10028

I was excited when I received her letter as part of my welcoming package from Jennifer Ruwart.

June/July 2009-Dream Come through

“Finally. Kathy and I chorused as we embraced each other warmly for minutes at the reception of Airside hotel-Accra, Ghana. Are we hugging each other for real? This question dropped in my mind uninvited. Yes, we were. We did not want to let each other go. We could not believe that we were seeing each other so soon. It was like a movie or a story we were reading but it was a real life experience! “There are no accidents! Kathy’s words re-echoed. She had sent me a message telling me the possibility of she coming to Ghana to work for few days which we all looked forward too anxiously.

“You are beautiful” were the words I heard her say as I tried to deliver my self from the surprise of our meeting-It was a dream come true so soon for me!” Come on in”. We sat and talked and talked about everything-family, friends, visions, passions, successes, challenges and empowerment. Then she empowered me with a headset so I can call my colleagues on Skype. “So I empowered you with a little gift!” she said when I told her a day after meeting her how excited I was, speaking to Jennifer, Sunita, Khusbu and Halima on Skype with the help of the headset. That was when we both starting discovering empowerment in a new direction. At least for me, I understood from that point on that empowerment is all about doing those little (and big) things to help others do what they dream, wish, plan and pray to do in one’s own small unique way. The next day was her birthday and to me that was a privilege! For me it was an honour for me to be part of her birthday celebration. It was an opportunity for me to touch Kathy with my small gift- Ghanaian beads and chocolates.

01 July 09: Last moments with Kathy

Today is a holiday in Ghana. It is our republic day. It is also my last moments with my mentor-Kathy Castro in Ghana as she flies back to the United States of America early Morning. “We will meet again very soon”. We tell each other confidently.

So there we sat in a restaurant-Kathy, Cindy, Jim (Kathy’s colleagues from University of Rhode Island) and Harry and me. The others were amazed to hear the story of me and Kathy’s connection and curious to know about the programme that has woven together two wonderful women and others with so much vast difference-background, age, race, continent and country. As we recount our story of joining PulseWire and the fact that Kathy picked me anonymously I was filled with amazement. We sat to dine and wine and then we went to shop together. I was connected with one woman and through her I now have others Jim, Cindy and Harry as friends as well. I never wanted this moment to end but I am confident that,

This is just the beginning of the life changing experience with my mentor Kathy Castro.


Dear All,

This is great, World Pulse is unfolding powerful reatlity. THE WORLD, HERE WE COME! Love this happening and my friend congratulation!!!!!!!!! Jensine Thank You a million time. Jennifer are you reading this? Women are being connected powerfully to strengthen one another. God Bless Word Pulse Team (Amen)

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

I am reading this and as you will read below, I am literally crying tears of joy. Not just for Gifty and Kathy, but for all of us. We have discovered a simple truth. That transformational change can come from connection and small steps forward. Wow.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Jennifer Hi, Kathy's friend Cindy who was part of this meeting told me she was touched as well. I have invited her to join us on this community. Yes, we can. i have a deeper faith than ever in our possibility of doing greater works with this connection and voices. Love, Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.



No wonder you did not want to share in my little gossip about my mentor... I didn't know you were planning a sweet landing for your great, visible, tangible experience with Kathy. Oh, i feel both jealous and glad that at long last, your dream was actually true... you hugged her, actually felt her. Thanks for sharing. With the new media, the world is small, people who were once strangers meeting, hugging, sharing sweet times and even partying! This tells us much about what world pulse is doing to our lives... connecting us to strangers and shrinking the globe!

And hey, don't forget to buy some Ghanian beads for President Barrack Obama who will be on visit to Ghana! Ha haa haa!

Cheers dear!

We Can Do It!

Joanne Wanjala

Yes dear, i was creating a sweet surprise and i was afariad i will drop the bomb and spoil the surprise. It is a great experience. i am sure you will get to meet your mentor in person very soon then you will write a whole book for us to gossip about hahahaha.

I wish i get the opportuntiy to buy President Obama some Ghanaian cholates and his wife some African beads. My father inlaw calls me Michel Obama. can you believe it? hahaha.

it would be an honor to meet the president? Any ideas how?

Love, Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.


I love this story! There's a saying that I like to believe, and this experience makes it seem true: "There are no coincidences." I too am jealous and excited for you both at the same time. Maybe I'll be able to meet you, or any of the wonderful Correspondents some day. It would be a dream come true.

You all inspire me to speak up, and let my voice inspire others. All of our little ripples are making BIG waves!

Keep up the great work! Scott

PS-- Maybe you could invite Michelle Obama to join PulseWire?!!

Scott Beck

Scot hi, Let me begin by quoting the words from my mentor during iour first contact on line. "Gifty, there are no accidents!". i guess it is the same as the saying you love, "there are no coincidence". I am happy you are inlove with our story. We are also thrilled and above all full of gratitude to the Pulsewire team, colleagues, memebers, fans and friends.

Many thanks for sharing again how you feel about our story.

There could be possibilities of us all to meet together. All things are possible. I am thinking we just have to ask ourselves questions like how and when and where and then we will be on our way to meeting up.

Any ideas about how to invite Michelle Obama to joing Pulsewire? I am thinking of writing to her one of these days.

Keep supporting us through visible and invisible ways. Ayekooooooooo! Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.


Hi Gifty,

This is AMAZING! Your journey is incredible - thank you for sharing it with us and for continuing to reach for your goals and your dreams to make a positive change for women and children in Ghana and around the world. It's incredible that in such a short time you have begun your journey with Kathy and now embraced her in person! I'm so glad to hear that you now have a headset and can join the great discussions happening with your fellow correspondents.

Say hello to Obama for me!

Love, Jade

Hello Jade, Almost everytime i drop a post you send me comments that are so encouraging and I want to use this opportunity to thank you for youR time and dedication. Yes Jade, it is so amazing we are all yet to wake up from the shocking and sweet experience but we are thrilled on the journey together-Kathy and i.

Most of my fellow correspondents also tell me how wonderful their mentors are and i keep asking myself "where did WorldPulse get the team of mentors from? So unique, caring and encouraging. Thansk you all Pulsewire Team.

I have spoken to some peole already-Jennifer, Sunita, Khush, Halima, Lin and the experience was wonderful hearing the beautiful voices for the first time with different accent, tonations and courage.

Yes ma'am, i will sure say hello to H.E Obama for you. Just pray i get to meet him. All things are possible.

Warm hugs and love, Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.


Gifty wrote a wonderful accounting of our first face to face meeting. It was so amazing that of all the countries I was asked to go to it was Ghana and of all the correspondents...it was Gifty. It was wonderful and I hope all of us get to meet each other at some point in our lives. Grace works in mysterious ways and I am very excited to see where this next step will be.

Thanks Gifty! especially for braving the tourist shopping areas with us! I love what I was able to buy and each time I look at them it reminds me of you.

Love you!


Kathy, Let me repeat your own words to you "There are no accidents!". I know this is the beginning of the life changing experience on this voyage together.

I am confident that there are more beautiful stories about our connection yet to be revealed, to be written and more life changing experiences to be shared.

Thank you for accepting the invitation from World Pulse to be a mentor. Thank you for all you have already done and will do for me on this journey. you have been gifted to me and i am honored you are in my life as a mentor- a mother, friend, sister, all.

With all the love and suport from our fellows, friends, mothers, sisters and fans on this community we know we will smile at the storms of this programme when they ever rear their heads.

Many thanks to all who read our post and a big one to those who managed to drop lines despite their busy shedules to tell us how they have loved, been touched, how they are jealous and wishing us the best, we say Ayekoo!

Our sincere gratitude to Jensine, Jennifer, Jancie, Jade, Scot and all on this community. For your love and constant suport we say a million "Merci".

With Love KG

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.


Hey there,

Your wrote this story in a really beautiful way! I could sense your love and respect for Kathy! I hope this friendship continues and you keep visiting each other!

best wishes, Kizzie

Kizzi hi, Yes, i love and respect Kathy very much. Once i read a quote that touch me "To meet and to know is one of the greatest thing in life". Now i understand it fuller and better.

I look forward to writing more beautiful series about our friendship.

PS: love your comments. Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.