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I walked briskly in the Cafe of Travelodge absent minded to grab a chair. My eyes met the eyes of another young lady’s eyes which threatened to pop out. It was when stopped for a minute to ask her if I could join her on the table that her expression struck me. ‘You must be Gifty’ she gasped covering her mouth in amazement. ‘Yes...’ I said smiling. ‘I am Sunita, Gifty!’ she burst out in amazement. ‘Suniiiiiiiiiiiiita ’ i repeated her name loudly and run into her arms. We embraced for a long time. We are meeting physically for real for the first time. This has been possible because of WORLD PULSE. As VOF class mates, we met, communicated, touched each other by our words and works virtually for about 9 months. Today, our meeting is physical- the beauty of connection and the possibilities of the world are infinite.

As we discussed, dined and wined we remembered our other VOF sisters and the lasting impact of World Pulse Voices of Our Future Programme. Our neighbours were excited to hear about World Pulse and our meeting. We started our journeying of winning souls for our Pulsewire family by explaining to them what World Pulse means and the impact it had had on us.

We wet the appetite of the young ladies from different countries to join us on line by telling them our experiences, our dreams and by sharing World Pulse magazines and cards.


That must have been amazing to finally meet someone whom you had shared so much with and worked with via technology in person. Your excitement is apparent and I am so excited that you were able to take advantage of this opportunity. You are a great example of what World Pulse is all about and the connections that can be established via PulseWire.

Both are an example to all of us! Please keep posting about this awesome encounter and about the summit.

World Pulse has the power of bringing us together. Let us rejoice on this beautiful fact and thank everyone involved, especially Jensine, who created it.

I am following you.

Love you lots,


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Sunita and Gifty,

You have done so very well, as ambassadors of WP. Thank you Jensine of this big dream, it is rubbing on the World. WORLDPULSE is where dreams come through, BE PATIENT WORLD, BECAUSE A TIME IS COMING AND VERY SOON, WHERE ANY GATHERING THAT MATTERS MUST HAVE A WORLPULSARIAN

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I loved the line when you said "My eyes met the eyes of another young lady’s eyes which threatened to pop out." I can just imagine that and the sheer delight you both experienced of seeing each other for the first time. Oh, how i wish I were there to witness this coming together of two VOF sisters. I can't wait for the day when all our amazing VOF correspondents get to meet a sister and as Olutosin says, where every gathering has a WorldPulsarian present. (love that word!)

Gifty and Sunita, I know it must be exciting meeting each other face to face. It happenned to me when i met Tina, Jensine,Amy, Jade, Janice and others face to face in NewYork, it was like i could not have enough of them. I am sure you two had a swell time with each other. We are so happy for you.How was the program? Fine i think.

Love Busayo

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that great news Gift and Sunnita meeting! its good that you are spreading the news about world pulse.

Congratulation gals

I wish you all the very best in life

Love you

Wow! I'm can feel your excitement meeting each other! I'm so happy and I can't wait for the days that we could see each other in the future. It would surely be a fantastic journey together !

My heart is beating with happiness for the two of you!

love, Malaya

Gifty my sweet daughter to be! I am so happy that you had this opportunity and that you embraced your experience so fully. The photos are great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Lots of love Tina x