The Stone Horse & Droshki by Ken De Villers
  • The Stone Horse & Droshki by Ken De Villers
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Read a spy novel about the Korean War with the expertise of a Tom Clancy novel, highly researched about an American air force pilot who is half Sioux Indian and half Russian, who eventually makes his way to the top of the Russian Air Force. Then his daughter wrote three fictionalized memoirs “The Eve Chronicles” about Eve who moves west to work as a timber cruiser doing timber inventory in the Wallow Mts in eastern Oregon. She then moves to Gold Beach to care for an elderly man who needs a live in caregiver for the summer. He tells her many tales of his life when he worked for the notorious Al Capone in Chicago. Then she moves to Eugene and attends the Oregon Country Fair before going to Catalina Island to visit a former lover. Her caretaker stays behind living in a yurt in her back yard, he is in love with her but remains silent.