American Blues
American Blues: In a world with so much to lose, Americans need to hold true to our diversity and hunker down for four long years  Read Charles Blow's column who expresses what so many American's are feeling. After eight years of a humanist, loving, inclusive President, this man vows to undo all of it. Don't worry we won't be put back in all our advances of diversity. Is it too early for impeachment?

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I had been experiencing "shock" after "stun" since the election. I've learned though that this reaction is actually a privilege. As a white, cisgender, straight, woman, I haven't experienced this kind of nazi, racist, kkk, hatred and discrimination. I was naive. I am learning that this isn't a shock to people of colour, LBGTQ communities, etc... who experience racism or discrimination both (overtly and covertly) regularly. We can't be naive. We can't be "nice." We have to take a stand and resist this hatred!!!