Worldwide one out of every six people live in extreme poverty, struggling to survive on $1 day. The majority are women. What is it like to live on $1 a day? See the diary from Nicaragua at Women Thrive Worldwide:

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Thank you for sharing the link to Ritu Sharma's story of living on $1 a day in Central America. I just went to my book club's monthly gathering tonight at a member's home, where I must have easily consumed more than 1000 calories in one sitting. While I cherished this chance to feast with smart, funny, compassionate women, none of whom are materialistic, obese or rabid consumers, my evening provided a stark contrast to the unexpected story I read when I returned home: about women eating less than $1 food a day.

I'm going to post the link to this story on my social networks.

Looking forward to more of your posts! Cara

Thanks for your comment Cara. RItu Sharma's diary was an eye-opener for me also. It put in to real terms what $1/day would buy, and what difficult decisions it presents for those living in extreme poverty.

Wendy The Global Kitchen

unfortunately,is a big issue with women in my community.Those who do so may be the "lucky",since there are millions who do without any.This week,i have really been thinking alot about how women can be empowered...especially to be able to meet their basic needs and those of their children.

I would also like to invite you to the group Jambo Kenya Cafe where i am sure your voice will be a powerful tool.Thank you for the great empowerment work that you do!

Love from Kenya, Leah.