Web 2.0 aptly displays the ripple effect at work. It is amazing how an idea generated from one part of the world can be put to use at the opposite end. To me, the most fascinating thing about Web 2.0 is the limitless possibility of it. It is amazing what we can achieve when the barriers are off and Web 2.0 does exactly that. It's an opportunity to get my voice heard; a space to say exactly what I think; provides opportunity to organize around issues that matter to me; and if you are like me and live away from home, it provides that vital connection to those far away, eating away the distance and making you feel just a bit less lonely.

I think that women’s groups are increasingly becoming aware of just how vital Web 2.0 can be to their programs and large women led and focused groups have emerged online. However, these groups are usually led and run from the global North, giving women and women groups from the South less of an opportunity for critical engagement, emphasis on critical here! Apart from this, it’s a fact that what matters to humans differ, especially where resources are scarce, and so of course some vital emerging issues never get taken up or given audience. With Web 2.0 it is easier for women to raise awareness about such issues, and where the matter is urgent; having direct access to such a platform is invaluable.

Reading through this week's course materials, I came across Ushahidi and the amazing uses that tool is being put to. That got me thinking; we are having elections at home come 2011 and although I live away Ushahidi is an opportunity to be actively involved in this phase of my country's history. A volley of emails via Facebook (Web 2.0 at work again) and a couple of hours later we have a group set up to deploy Ushahidi as a tool to monitor the upcoming elections, and have been asked to submit a proposal for funding. Wow! Web 2.0 makes it happen super fast.

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I had never heard about ushahidi before since I read your post, interesting how technology can contribute in the election process.When are elections held in your country?

Regards, Aida.

Hello Aida,

Yes it is quite interesting how technology can foster citizen participation in the election process. Elections are planned for January but might be moved to April to allow more time to prepare.


Hi Globewalka,

I am so impressed that you've started planning to use Ushahidi in Nigeria! It's amazing how Web 2.0 can shrink both time and space... a whole world is at our fingertips, truly.

I enjoyed reading your personal thoughts about the potential of Web 2.0 for women's empowerment. I agree that more and more, these technologies are going to change the way "development" happens around the world, especially as women's voices are heard more loudly and clearly. I look forward to seeing much needed changes happen, through women's leadership.

Thank you for being here! Scott

Scott Beck

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your kind words, I can only echo your sentiment about looking forward to much needed changes being brought about through women's leadership! It's happening already, but the pace is oh so slow........


Hi Globewalka

Yes, it's so true. we can be our true self through Web 2.0, raising concerns and issues that bothers us deeply within. It's so good to hear how Ushahidi will also be a main medium in the upcoming elections. thanks for sharing your thoughts on Web 2.0. I do believe that you'll be a voice of the voiceless women from south..

Hi - I'm impressed that you are already grabbing tools like Ushahidi and spreading the word! Clearly you are engaged with this medium and excited about the potential. That is really exciting! Thanks! Vega