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Digital literacy/access for women is constrained by poverty. In my country poverty level has been very high and due to this women have not been able to attend the basic/primary education. Here one can see that it is somehow difficult to train somebody especially a woman who has noe attended the primary education; and these women are in rural areas.

I therefore recommend that our governments, my government should put hte education of girl child first to deal with the women illiteracy. I am talking about this because the population of women globally is very huge, if our governments can educate a girl child or women they have educated the world.

As you can see in the picture, women are believed to be the ones dancing for our leaders. This is not good because our women need to be empowered economically, socially, spiritually and physically or mentally.

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Thank you for sharing your comments regarding women's rights and it is very refreshing to see this from you! Are you part of a group or doing anything actively to help women gain an education in your town?

Kind Regards, Bina Patel hc Mediate, LLC

Hello Bina,

Thank you for encouragement. I am an ex-policeman, during my service I had been experiencing and studying problems being faced by women. Therefore I have a passion for women.

More importantly women are the pillars of our society because they are the basis for our creation. For instance, every human being or whatever is born from females.

I am intending to partner with a certain group to educate women in my village/area through WorldPulse.

Once again thank you.

Isaac Zuze.


Thank you for supporting the education of girls and women. It is a very important goal to educate women which not only gives women knowledge but also fights poverty by generating growth in economies.

Thank you for your support of women and girls!

In hope an peace, Ann Fishburn

Bonjour tous, J'ai eu à te lire et te commenter et cela m'a reveler d'un article que j'avais poster vous pouvez le voir sur mon lien, j'avais parlé que chaque femme est fière et souple de faire ou de se former en informatique mais il ya une obstacle qui leur contrecarre, c'est le niveau bas d'instruction. Si nous parlons du niveau bas d'instruction c'est encore dans des grandes villes , Alors qu'en est-il le cas pôur celles qui sont dans les milieux ruraux? où les femmes n'étudient presque pas? Quand au 21è siècle il ya encore des gens qui ne savent ni lire ,ni écrire? S'il s'agit de faire une formation il faut commencer à Zero ? Nous avons une tache lourde Merci et à plus Bajira chishuba Anne


I could not agree with you more! I applaud you for taking this stand that supports a basic/primary education for women and girls in your country.

In support and peace, Terry Mullins

Hello Isaac - I read through your responses above and also read your profile. You have a lot to offer the girls and women of your village. Please do NOT give up! You have the unique advantage of your previous work experience as a policeman - you have seen and heard so much that others have not. You KNOW the truth. I do believe, as you do, that education is the answer.

In support and peace, Terry Mullins

Very very beautiful. It is terrible if women have to dance alone, because a good dance a dancer must have a partner. I wonder if the women dancing have nothing against dancing for the Government, because could be that some of the women burn for dancing like some people do. Some countries perhaps forbid women dancing with a man who is not her husband. Thanks to God, that is one of the African countries where the first thing some Government leaders do is dance with the people.

The key in for dancing in Mozambique is: Are you a dancing person Dance specially for the leaders. Africa is beautiful we have so many different Types of Culture. Our culture, tradition, habits and language vary every 100 km, Our food Tradition is also very interesting.

Some day i would love to invite Women from all over Africa for a Culture and Tradition week. With food discussion and introduction of our many different culture and aspects of culture from Birth day to a burial ceremony.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

On this occasion women were dancing for politicians which is 'an abuse of women'. Dancing is good, it shows happiness but as far as world pulse is concerned dancing for a politician for a $0.25 as an incentive is an abuse.

In fact dancing for leaders in Africa is like a culture but politicians takes women for granted while they are suffering in silence.

Lets empower women to assist fellow men for the growth of our nations.


Dear IBZ

I was thinking about that. I even talked with my Malawian supporters and women who are ready to welcome the project. Actually I have a place both in Blantyre and in Lionde and Chikwawa and Mwanza. Perhaps it is best to start by planting the project in Mozambique and there after Malawi.

You should Propose World Pulse that Idea. If they agree I`am ready. It is a very good Idea because we speak the same dialect, and the project could be planted both in Malawi Mozambique Zimbabwe and Zambia. Please remember that Mozambique is a huge country compared to Malawi and in the south of Mozambique we have other dialects not applicable to Sena, Nhanja, Chichewa and Ndau .

I do visit Malawi 3-4 times a week and use Blantyre as my Capital city when I am in Milange. a Perfect Idea.

Ilda Maria Varela.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

Hello IIda,

I have placed the request at the world pulse Resource Exchange to start a Foundation for women empowerment. Let us wait a go ahead from them.

For your information I stay in Blantyre so we can arrange and meet when you visit Malawi again. There is a lot to do to help women and girls in our countries.

Looking forward to see you.

Isaac Brighton Zuze.


Dear Brighton,

Thank you. Did you suggest the implementation of "Digital Library with Internet for women in Milange" also in Malawi or just a "Foundation for women empowerment"

Ilda M. Varela.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

Hello Isaac- I see you mentioned posting a resource exchange opportunity... I wanted to say that world pulse members are encouraged to initiate actions, movements, opportunities,and the like. You are free to look though the resources posted on this site and connect with other members who's pursuits align with yours. Are you wanting to begin your own foundation for women's empowerment, or looking to start a community group along those lines? I just want to clarify what you mean by "wait for the go-ahead" so we can provide accurate information back to you.

You may private message me with your reply or any questions. You can also contact EmilyGarcia, online community associate.

All the best-

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

In this short journal entry, you bring to the fore a critical issue: women's illiteracy. Women who do not have basic education are disadvantaged because their illiteracy separates and isolates them from so much in this world, including the internet. (I am sitting here trying to imagine what life would be like were I not able to read? I cannot picture it). Surely these women have developed other skills and talents, despite not being educated to read. Nonetheless, their lack of access to the power of the written word, and to the internet, is most likely, limiting their ability to be fully realized empowered humans. I applaud your attention to the issue--many people are finally recognizing the criticality of educating women. Your voice is an important one in that chorus. Thank you! Kit

Hello Kit,

Remember illiteracy is a barrier brought in by poverty. We need to deal with poverty first; you know what, most girls are getting married because they are raised by poor parents who are unable to motivate their daughters.

Regards, Isaac.


A ZuZe,

Programe imma camba ife ya tecka. Clickarne on the map mu one mweka. Zicomo kwabire. Panopa cha saala ndi ku ganizza buino buino emplementation and adjustment ya programe. Mozambique ndi Malawi a siana a little bit in many ways.

The language Chichewa tcha ku Mozambique cittinna punzdisidwe ku school. Coma no problems chiffuka pakana ku Kenya, Tanzania ti ma tha ku erenga the most important issues. Ndiponso communication ndi Zimbabwians and Zambia ima chala pafupi ndi fluently. Ndiri ku onanso kuti Swahily ya ku Uganda ndi chichewa is as well understanderble.

Regarding Languages and Idioma thee most important issue is to get as many people as possible in rural and Urban areas of Malawi and Mozambique speaking writing and understanding english via Internet access and etc., I believe that this will lead to a formation of a new common African digital language. Very very god actually because Europe is constructing their own language only whites can participate. It is perhaps still a secret.

Ilda M. Varela

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

The Background.

Our women are constrained by illiteracy which lead to poverty. This is because our political leaders(government) are intoxicated with politics which bring a lot of human rights abuses, civil wars, human trafficking, domestice violences or gender based violence and finally food shortages. These malpractices compel our women not to regard education as an important tool for development and empowerment. In the process women force daughters to early marriages in order to reduce responsibility at domestic level.


Our political leaders should change mindset, puting education first other than politics because education is a key to everything; even politics itself is workable besause of education. In our case, our women need education for few below listed reasons:

a) Education energises women to fight for their rights.

b) A woman can easily trained in any profession if she gets basic education.

c) She can adopt new farming techniques after attaining education to deal with food shortage at domestic level.

d) She can understands computer applications easily.

e) She cannot be persuaded in any way because she is able to prioritise issues because of education.

Digital Literacy.

Once again our women need our assistance because Computer language is complex and difficult to understand. Knowing that grassroots woman is not well educated, role players in digital literacy should support women by creating softwares which are user friendly to grassroots women. Access to the internet is troublesome because there is a lot to learn on the web. This is because our effort is to empower grassroots women to voice their afflictions and getting lasting solutions worldwide.

In conclusion, let us work together to assist women for they are weaker vessels, as the Bible says.