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In the tidal wave of exposure of sexual impropriety in the film industry, I, a crusading Chinese academic who had been subject to sexual harassment, reckless discrimination and victimisation in Monash University, heard a special voice from Jane Fonda, “[Harvey Weinstein's accusers are getting attention because they] are white and famous. This has been going on a long time to black women and other women of colour, and it doesn’t get out quite the same.”[1] This voice awakened my faith that time always reveals the truth and truth speaks loudly no matter how tiny I am. Fonda’s voice rekindled my impossible dream “to fight the unbeatable foe, to right the unrightable wrong, and the world will be better for this[2]. It is my obligation to expose to the World the enormously grave miscarriage of justice in my case of sexual harassment and discrimination from Monash University, an Australian version of “to kill a mockingbird” which involves gender injustice, racial prejudice, and destruction of innocence.



Shortly after joining Monash University as a faculty in May 2008, I began receiving sexual advances from a married man, George Simon, the Head of Department, who was also my direct line manager. Simon’s sexual advances show a recurring pattern of behaviour, over a sustained period of time. It involves numerous subtle incidents that are usually trivial to the outsider, but when put together and into context, form a distinct pattern. Each incident may at first seem possibly acceptable, but take on a different connotation when viewed as a complete set of circumstance. For instance, sexual expressions of “[wanting to] have nice peace and quiet time with you” in exchange of career promotion, “I missed you”, asking me to do his tie, touching me at breast, bottom and leg. My emotions and reactions evolved from being confused, brushing it away and moving on with life at the early stage, to feeling uncomfortable, humiliated but remaining silent during my probation period, and finally becoming angry and making abundantly clear rejections. Read more with evidence

Towards the end of my probation, a number of professors became aware of George Simon’s inappropriate behaviours towards me, approaching me with lines like “Do you have problems with George Simon?” “I concerned about you.” “Let me know if you need help”. Eventually, some of them raised their concerns to the faculty’s leaders.  



When the sex scandal broke, the striking attempts of cover-ups invested by the harasser and Monash University not only revealed the guilty of the original deed -what is masked must be ugly, but eventually were far more reprehensible than the original one.


While I still stayed quiet, George Simon engaged in a number of malicious attempts to set me up for the purpose of diverting the nature of the issue. On one occasion, George Simon intentionally, constructively and with significant effort, arranged to have a business trip with me alone, for the purposes of sexual propositioning and attempted coercion, using a position of authority to his advantage. After the trip, Simon typed up a contemporaneous note saturated with falsities, accusing me of the malicious intent that he himself was harbouring[3]. Bad luck to the covered aggressor, Simon’s false depictions all have been contradictory to and thus uncovered by his own evidence. Read more with evidence



While George Simon was plotting and trapping me for an affair, the faculty Dean Tam Sridhar, his Associate Deans Murray Rudman and Chris Davies, and George Simon himself jointly engaged in a series of victimisation for the purpose of constructive dismissal. The reckless victimisation effectively invited me to speak up for the sake of my health and safety. Read more with evidence



In order to conceal the scandal, Monash University falsified recording during internal investigation for the purpose of using my Chinese origin as a tool to mask wrongdoings. Having the falsified recording, Monash University produced an apparently pre-determined conclusion that the matter was a misunderstanding due to English was my second language. This despites the fact that I have been teaching in English and my lecturing was ranked the 8th out of 220 courses in Engineering Faculty at Monash University and publishing research work in English with top international journals (Link 1 and Link 2). In the above circumstance, Monash University has directly engaged in racial discrimination.

One of the reasons why Monash University dares to lie is that its leaders believed that they could have –most likely they had already have – successfully cover up the truth by effective concealment tactics[4].  Indeed, the falsification was plotted by Monash University HR and conducted by the Monash hired investigator almost flawlessly, except for one factor they ignored, that is, I, instructed by my then lawyer, taped all oral communications which I was a party of during the internal investigation. The disturbingly deceitful manner and ugly racial discriminative view of Monash University badly escalated the matter to my litigation. Read more with evidence



During the court trial, facing undeniable evidence that proved my claims, the Federal Court of Australia under the influence of Monash University engaged in fraud upon court. One of the most striking judicial misconducts is the mistranscribed records of court proceedings which are saturated with more than 20,000 misleading falsities, alterations, and omissions. Read more with evidence and more



Monash University and the Australian court attempted to use financial hardship as a tool to supress my press of the truth. During the litigation, Monash University provost, Edwina Cornish, who had no power to terminate academic employment, signed a termination letter of my employment (Read more). After the litigation, the Court ordered me, an unemployed individual, to pay Monash University, a corporate of billions dollars, the costs of a staggering figure, $900,000 –this figure has set a world record, to my best knowledge. Then Monash University proposed to me, no enforcement of costs if I agree to remain silent (without any compensations). I rejected the proposal and began my petition with the United Nations in 2015.



An Australian lawyer[5], in an attempt of dissuading me from my litigation, said that the judicial system of Australia is very much anti-Asia.

In March 2015 shortly after Judge Tracey dismissed my case on 27 Feb 2015, Australian media, through an Australian senior surgeon, openly advised sexually harassed victims that “better to have given him a blow-job. What I tell my trainees is that, if you are approached for sex, probably the safest thing to do in terms of your career is to comply with the request. The worst thing you could possibly do is to complain to the supervising body, because then … you can be sure that you will never be appointed ….Read more

In October 2015, Australian media openly declared that Monash University has the the privilege and power to mask sexual harassment misdeeds. Read more



A Victoria County court issued an order of my silence, and warned me that if I disobey the order I would be arrested. Not only that, the court neither informed me of the proceedings nor, of course, tried in my presence. The conduct of making that order itself is in violation of fundamental human rights. The United Nations declares: “everyone shall be entitled to the following minimum guarantees, in full equality, (a) To be informed, …, (d) to be tried in his presence, and to defend himself in person[6]. Read more with evidence



On 28 December 2014, I received a DVD of Maniac Cops 2, with a line “…Remain Silent Forever” on the cover of the case. Read The Australian:


Maniac Cop 2, definitely not a threat (= Black colour, definitely not black)


Given the norm of universities and government authorities, if they threaten, the treat must have to be indirect, vailed and subtle. They would never threaten as directly as "we are coming to kill you".

I fled Australia.

Since then private agents hired by Monash University and/or Australian State have been locating, stalking, harassing and death-threatening me in Chengdu and Beijing. To minimise possibilities of assassination, I give up cycling on street and road, always cross street or road with other passengers (to avoid road accident), always take lift with other residents or climb up and down if I am on my own (to avoid lift accidents),  and never order cuisines online (to avoid food poisoning). Read more



Since the beginning of the litigation, Monash University has been running a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy my credibility and reputation. Monash University employs a mix of open and covert methods to achieve its goals, including setting me up, making false accusations against me, planting and fostering rumours, and manipulating information.

What irritated Monash University’s HR the most is that they find little dirt in my records of both private and professional lives in any countries I had stayed, including China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Then Monash University headed toward a criminal direction: If no dirt, then make it.

For the purpose of making false accusations against me, Monash University manoeuvred a series of frame-ups entrapping me to engage in misbehaviours or misconducts. But all plots are failed.  Read more

After a series of failures in victim-misbehaviour trapping, Monash University engaged in attacking my character, one of cover-up typologies listed in Wikipedia. More specifically, Monash University engaged in tarnishing my character traits through planting and fostering two rumours: mental-disordered and trouble-maker. Read more with evidence.

The character assassination attempts has resulted in my being unemployable, being rejected by the scientific community of my academic field, and even some of my family members.



The extraordinary journey boosted the strength inside of me that I never knew before and transformed me tremendously. The best way to describe who I was during the three years of my probation would be Liz Meriwether’s article I’m a coward. “I don’t have enough money for a lawyer. I don’t want to suddenly become unemployable because of something he chose to do to me. Was it that big of a deal? … It wasn’t an assault … What if I said something and he stopped me from getting another job? So I made a decision: I chose to stay quiet. I kept working with him. As I said, I’m a coward.”

            However my silence was not appreciated by either the harasser George Simon or my academic faculty leaders, including the Dean Tam Sridhar and his Associate Deans, and I stayed quiet to the point of being too unhealthy and unsafe for me to remain like that. I would not label me as an altruistic whistle-blower who blows out ugliness for the wellbeing of other people. I was only a victim who was invited to fight though reluctantly, by the reckless victimisation, for my basic human right –my health and safety in workplace[7].



The disturbing deceitful management of Monash University has also shaped my goal. What I want the most, is for this to result in healing for me and all the victims. For Monash University, as well as Australian Universities, to admit and apologise for their mishandling of sexual harassment and racial discrimination and to start taking their responsibility for the problems.

To good men: Do not allow this behaviour to be normalized. Do not allow yourselves to be numb to the voices of victims coming forward. Do not chose to look the other way when powerful men continued their path of abuse. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”[8]

To victims: Do not stop demanding our civil rights. You are breaking the silence. You are revolution.[9] To Gretchen Carlson, I admire you for setting a positive encouraging model for women to fight and win.

To the World, sexual harassment has been going on a long time to Asian women and other women of colour, and it often gets out completely opposite. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” still occurs in many countries and regions, and especially rife in Australia. “Why aren’t we discussing about all the thousands and thousands of women who’ve lost their jobs?”[10]

To Jane Fonda, I am grateful to you for your honest, decent voice.



[2] Impossible Dream, by Andy Williams

[3] “Even if a woman starts to recognize the manipulation tactics being used against her in the workplace, the Covert Aggressor will often resort to accusing the woman of the malicious intent that they themselves are harbouring.”


[5] MAX LEGAL - Workplace Lawyers, web:

[6] Article 14.3(d) of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

[7] “After all, being safe at work is both a basic human right and a business imperative.” -Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Australian Human Rights Commission.



[10] By Gretchen Carlson.


Hi Grace. Thanks so much for sharing your harrowing story of courage. It's women like you that are being being extra strong, courageous and breaking the mold, that will shed even more light on the world and the silence will be broken; one by one, more and more women and girls will speak up and rise up. Harassment won't be the norm. Please consider submitting your story for the World Pulse story awards under the "#MeToo" call for stories. This is the link: You have a powerful story that needs to be shared as much as possible.... be the change...:-)