My vision in life is to impact positively in every single person I meet no matter how little it is because I believe that if everybody contribute in their own little way then it will add up into something tangible witnessed by the world because someone's life would have been changed in a positive way. I know I have untapped energy and all I need is guidance, direction and support for me to realize my dream of Serving community in a deserving manner. My dream is to finish my studies and graduate though there are challenges which is making that really difficult because I believe that every woman out there deserves an opportunity to acquire that knowledge which comes from books despite the passion I have when it comes to serving other people I still need knowledge and wisdom to form a group of women whom I would love to help them have knowledge on how to use internet and basic knowledge in computer. There is a youth centre called One Stop Youth Information Resource Centre which is already training youths here in Nairobi Kenya but some youths can not afford to access the centre due to it’s location in the central business centre.

My passion is to help people improve their lives it is an inborn thing that burns inside me since I was young making a difference in someone else’s life gave me joy and will to face every single day. At the moment there are three ladies looking up to me to be there for them whenever they need someone to talk to, both of them are HIV/AIDS Positive hey are all older than me but I am happy and always ready to listen to them. It doesn't have to be financial help though I wish I could help them financially because one of them really needs it since she is the bread winner in her family yet unemployed but because all of her siblings depend on her. I believe there are other young girls and women who need someone to give them hope for them to find the will to wake up the next morning knowing someone truly cares for them. I saw my aunt die with the virus because she could not accept and I don’t want any other person to lose their life. In my community where I come from statistics show that we are the most infected and affected with the virus.

If given an opportunity to be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent, the training and guidance I will receive will help me and give me strength to save girls in my community to say NO to wife inheritance and forced marriages and in the community around me at large because when the girl next door cries her pain pierces deep inside my HEART. I deserve this golden opportunity because since I am unable to continue with my studies due to lack of finance this will provide me with the knowledge hence I will be able to do what I LOVE the most that is SAVING MY COMMUNITY because change begins with me not my neighbor.

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Dearest Gracious,

Compassion must be your middle name. It is so clear that you yourself are only happy when you are helping others and making a difference in your community. Will you be my "global neighbor?"

Now to your vision. One of my wishes is that anyone who desired education would be granted free and clear access. The cries of the girl next door pierces your heart; your lack of money to pay for education makes me very sad. Yet, power to you for looking beyond that limitation and seeking growth elsewhere!

There is so much to promote for global women's rights. Know that you will make a difference in your corner of the world.

Your sister in the US,


Jan Askin

Thank you for taking your time to read my journal. I still have faith that one day i'll graduate in the meantime i'll serve the community in my own little way. Your sister in Kenya


You are doing what you can with the resources you have - it is enough and it is amazing! We must value what we give to our neighbors because we are valuable - unreplaceable actually! I know formal education is important - remember, it is never too late, Not to wish this for you, but I returned to formal education at the age of 44! what you are doing, right now, is informal education, it is practical and useful and needed. Keep dreaming your dreams, do everything you can to achieve and never give up, good will come to you! let's keep in touch!

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi Debra K. Adams, MAIS * Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS) * Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder. Please learn more about me here:

You have been my source of strength , always reading my journal and encouraging me through your comments. I'll keep on dreaming. Let us keep in touch. Thank you.


Dear Siru ~

You are already making a difference in the lives of women in your community one woman at a time. Your vision to continue to provide connections for them and to make those connections global is admirable and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your voice and vision. Keep dreaming and continue moving forward.

All the best with your project! Hesychia

Dear Siru,

Goodness gracious I can just feel the energy coming from you - all the way from Kenya where you are to the US where I am. And that is amazing!

Continue to stay strong for yourself and the women you mentor; and continue to look to this community for support when you need it.

I look forward to reading more,


resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

I love your resolution to think twice and smile twice before doing anything this year and i'll let it be my resolution as well. Thank you for your support.


I felt so proud of you when i read your post you are trying your best to make diffrent but as you said change start within you first good luck in VOF and keep up good work you are doing . Stay connected Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building