The first time it happened it didn’t bother me because I was very young and everyone believed I had malaria, then it began happening more frequently so I was on medication my grandfather being around most of the time took the initiative to always give me the medication yes! I was having seizures more frequently now everyone would treat as if I was abnormal sick in the head that why as I am this article now I couldn’t help it but my tears are just flowing but several years the e seizures reduced and they were not frequent as before, but by then another problem had developed the doctor said that I was anemic though I had problem when it comes to eating but I was again on medication daily. The sad part of it was that I could not play vigorously like every other child because I was very week and even walking for a very short distance was such a hustle because I had to sit by the road side and rest before proceeding with my journey. With that came severe headaches which in most cases would not allow me to see properly and yes I had to use spectacles after all there was no other way out. Then the first time I had my monthly periods it was normal the pain was for two continuous weeks so it really interfered with my studies what I did not know was that, that was just the beginning for so much pain and tears because there reached a point in my life when the pain was continuous and I would bleed for a whole week so at this point my life became so miserable that the only thing I could do that moment was to cry and ask God why ME?

Yes, those frequent seizures meant I was epileptic! With frequent headaches I could not see properly meaning I had trouble with my teachers since I had to wait for my classmates to copy work from before copying from you can imagine what that meant for me? Lots and LOTS of FRUSTRATION for me because as a child all I wanted was to be happy and live a normal life like any other child out there and before I could learn to live with my situation there my monthly periods were again there . It reached a point in my life that I felt so unfortunate and sorry for myself till to date people tell me that I look like I am about to cry ha-ha now maybe it’s because I had a thousand and one reasons Didn’t I? . Today I am definition of a strong woman because all that had happened in my life made a stronger, loving, passionate and a Gracious woman because I know it feels like to experience so much pain mine is a testimony where II always say miracles do happen because the seizures are gone, I just eat and take good care of myself so no more low blood level and for the abdominal pains they are manageable so my purpose in life is help every girl out there in my own little way. Because I know women are strong since my mother and my elder sister always ensured that all was well with me and they always sacrificed so much just to ensure that I did not lack anything. A mother will never abandon her baby or treat her differently just because he or she is sick. Mothers are great today I am a beautiful young woman ready to lend a hand so tomorrow I will be at an orphanage to spend some time with the children there and shower them with motherly love. Yes all these really crashed my self esteem but I almost gaining it because I have been building it bit by bit.



I am relieved that so much of the pain and suffering that you experienced when you were a child, has now subsided!! And in its place, you have been filled with empathy and wisdom that you are sharing with others who are also in need. Hugs and cheers to you!!! Thank you for making the world a better place. Leslie

Thank you for reading my post. It sure need a lot of strength and courage to share though some of this memories especially while writing this journal I couldn't help but cry. Thank you dear hugs and cheers to you too.


I know it take alot to share such story but i hope it will help other seeing that they can be strong too for themselves and for otheres out there. Stay active and strong Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building