Greengirl supported by Ali and Iliya at a nursery plant project
  • Greengirl supported by Ali and Iliya at a nursery plant project
  • Greengirl explaining the Bio sand Water Filter Technology to the Chairman Board of Trustees of her organization; and his associates.
  • Greengirl expalining the Colilert and Petrifilm water testing kits to a traditional ruler in Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria.
  • Greengirl listening with rapt attention to the secretary of the Gbagyi Chiefdom (Kaduna, Nigeria) in the course of gathering information for a multimedia story on indigenous Gbagyi women and their dependence on forest resources.
  • Greengirl with Ayo (a volunteer supporter) of her organization at a Farm Project site
  • Olanike (2nd from right) with a group of youth who accompanied her to the site of a flood disaster at Romi, Kaduna State-Nigeria.
  • A man bargaining to buy fish from a group of women fish sellers at Yauri fish market (Kebbi State, Nigeria)
  • Olanike with the leader of the Attarkar Community and a group of women from his community who participated in an Agricultural education and development training workshop for grassroots women in Kaduna; Nigeria.
  • Mr. Micah Joshua, a commited Facilitator and Technical Support Coordinator of Greengirl's organization
  • Olanike with a group of artisinal miners in Birnin Yauri, Nigeria
  • Mohammed helping out at a demonstration Farm project site established by Greengirl's organization
  • Greengirl and her dad who has been an ardent supporter of her work.
  • Cultural dance troup (made up of men and women) performing during the launch of a grazing reserve established by the Nigerian Livestock Project Division at Katsina, Nigeria
  • Greengirl, Robert Metcalf and Faustine of Solar International, and Anna Avong during a display of various solar cookers at the 1st  African Women and Water Conference held at Karen Nbi- Nairobi, Kenya (2008)

Men's attitudes towards women and girls have far reaching effects, particularly, in the area of helping to build self esteem and confidence in male dominated settings. I grew up and still live in a patriarchal society where men love to be in control. In very general terms, men usually resist any attempt to challenge, contest or change that aspect of them. Notwithstanding, there are innumerable men and boys out there, who are forever willing to give their best to better the lots of women and girls. For as long as I can remember, I have always had males around me; and many of them have contributed in very significant ways to my finding expression in life!

It is important to me that I have had the good fortune of living with, coming across, and interacting with some of the most wonderful males who grace the world. As I look back and take stock, I cannot but be grateful for and to the amazing men and boys who have over the years played very important roles (be it as father, brother, nephew, uncle, friend, acquaintance, relatives, cousin, associates/colleagues,neighbor, staff/supporter, model, leader, hero etc) in my life. When I need a helping hand at home, work, events or while I am on a trip; they've always been there to lend a helping hand. I owe a lot to them!

I am sure many women and girls out there also have some great tales to share about the men in their lives. So, it certainly beats my imagination that men who support women are often viewed as weaklings, by their counterparts. In my opinion, however, men who defy all odds to support women and girls brighten the world. Such men should be appreciated and celebrated, as they belong to the class of great minds who understand that gender equality is a call to a just partnership between men and women.

As humanity clamors for a more inclusive and balanced society, men must rise up and join forces with women to crush belief systems which marginalize and also engender discrimination against women and girls. Thus, today I choose to use my digital ingenuity to share and celebrate the lives of amazing men and boys whom I have come across by sharing images that capture memorable moments with and about them.


Greengirl, you have made my day with your words and images. If more of us would celebrate and say what women want from males in our modern times, perhaps more men would feel safe to partner with us. I wish you many blessings. Yvette


You also made my day with your soul lifting words. You hit it right with your words- "If more of us would celebrate and say what women want from males in our modern times, perhaps more men would feel safe to partner with us". I can never thank you enough for your invaluable feedback. The little we can do for now is spread the word!!! Together we can!!!!

I appreciate and celebrate you!

Regards, Greengirl