About Me: I teach sociology and try to help generate knowledge that will help create a better world. I am a fan of all the dedicated souls who try to make a difference in the lives of the people in despair. I like to see my goal as a sociologist is to underatnd, interpret what is going on in the world and how to change things for the better so that people can live in peace. If I can help even one person see the world differently it is worth an effort.

My Passions: Love for knowledge and humanity

My Challenges: Managing time.

My Vision for the Future: A peaceful world with smiles on the faces of all.

My Areas of Expertise: Sociology of the global processes.


I was touched by the great and heartwarming story on Nasreen and her school/hospital by Sunita Basnet from Nepal who is studying at AWU. She wrote with passion. She is also a hero. Young and dedicated people like Nasreen and Sunita will help turn the gloom of South Asia in to a bright morning. And in their efforts, I can see the first ray of the dawn. Who says we have no heroes and role-models?

Dear Habib, I realy like the name you gave to your journal and looking forward to reading some posts! No matter who we are, and where we are from - it is nice to learn news from different angles. Ad a sociologist you can teach us new versus known things.

W E L C O M E!

W E L C O M E !! W E L C O M E !!!

With best wishes, Victoria

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Hey there,

Welcome to World Pulse!

I just finished a degree in mass communications with a minor in Sociology. I love Sociology! It's so diverse and interesting. Are you interested in a particular branch of sociology? I was always interested in political sociology.

Tell us more about your love for sociology and teaching!

Also, I've noticed that you teach at Zayed university in AD. I used to live in Al-Ain , but I visited AD all the time. Is Sociology popular in the UAE? Social Sciences were never very popular in the Arab world.

Best wishes, Kizzie

Thanks Kizzie. I do visit Al Ain sometimes. It is a nice place without skyscrapers that dot the cityscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I also like the hot spring there.

My interests in sociology cover several fields. I am not keen on data crunching, quantitative social science although time to time I teach a class on Research Methods where I mainly pursue the logic of social research. I do dwell on political sociology but my main interest is: global studies. I try to understand how to make sense of and theorize what is going on around the world. My current research projects are on migration, and comparative study of women's empowerment. I dabble in many areas. One of my teachers once said: sociology is a discipline without portfolio and I found that to have mirrored exactly what I always believed.

I teach sociology in an inter-disiplinary department called Humanities and Social Sciences. In recent semesters, I have taught courses on "Comparative Sociology", "Women, Society and Politics" and "Culture, Identity, and Globlaization". My students took keen interest in these subjects and wanted more sociology courses.

Social sciences - especially, sociology , ironically, is slowly making inroads into this part of the world. I say, ironically, because Ibn Khaldun, the founder of sociology was born in this part of the world in the MENA region (Tunis, to be exact) in 1332 and founded the discipline of sociology among his other contributions.


Hey there,

I love how passionate you are about your field! Sociology is very interesting. I took very diverse courses in Sociology. My favorite were gender and power in development and race and ethnic relations. I also liked the research methods and the social theory courses! Honestly, I disliked the statistics course, SPSS is not my thing:( I would love to take a class with you.

How do you gather your syllabus material? Did you focus on a specific region in "women, society and politics"?

I'm happy social sciences are becoming more popular in the MENA region. Yes, Ibn Khaldun was from this region:) I enjoyed reading his writings in my social theory class.

http://www.umbc.edu/cwit/syl_wmst.html ) this link leads you to gender studies courses from different universities, you might find many sociology courses related to women's studies etc.. I think you will find it interesting:)

Also, are most of your students female? My sociology classes usually included one or two guys!

Best wishes, Kizzie

Hi Habib,

We are so excited that you have found our community and joined the voices of women from around the world! I love your vision for the future - "A peaceful world with smiles on the faces of all." It looks like you have already dived into the incredible journal entries of our members. Yes - Sunita is a shining light for the future of Nepal and the future of women around the world. She is one of our Correspondents and I encourage you to learn about World Pulse's Voices of Our Future program.

We are also so eager to hear from you! As a sociologist in the Middle East, I'm sure you have incredible insight to share. The best way to communicate and share your voice is to write in your journal, read the journals of fellow members and offer comments, or join a group and share in the dialogue by contributing to the group journal. If you're looking to connect with anyone in particular, please let me know and I can direct you to members with specialties in numerous subjects and causes.

Warm regards, Jade

Thanks Jade for your warm reply. Since I teach at a women's university, I take a keen interest in the broader issues affecting the progress of women. I am only beginning to learn about this fascinating place. By interacting with young women at my university and my meeting with their counterparts in this region through conferences such as "Women as Global Leaders" which my university has sponsored in recent years, I am optimistic about the changes taking place in this region. I will be happy to share of two cents worth given the opportunity.

Warm regards,


Dear Victoria:

I am glad that you liked the title of my journal. I should have added a "lazy" before unknown. I may not write as frequently as I should. But I will try. Now that I know there are people who may want to read my musings I migh actually end up writing something.

All the best to you and the fellow members.