I joined this group because in my community there is no safe haven for abused groups whatever their age. In our newspapers everyday there is report of abuse of children from zero years old to teens   Relatives, parents,siblings ,grandparents,  neighbours ,teachers,pastors,police, schoolmates,churchmates ,boyfriends girlfriends, chiefs ,herdmen ,peers. These children are abused by  people they know,love and trust Not by strangers in the bush.Men and women have normalised violence in our community.Most abused people have a stigma about reporting abuse. Let's stand together and bring awareness of gender based violence!!





Dear Hadebe,

Welcome to this Group. It is so important that we gather and share all of the news from everywhere about violence of every kind, who is doing it, and to whom. You have outlined so well the dire situation for children in your community, and rightfully named the many groups of people responsible. By knowing what is going on, and naming it for the violence it is, we begin to shift the silence and acceptability that we are faced with. Yes, by standing vocally together we change it from normal to unacceptable. Thank you for your strong voice.

In sisterhood,


Welcome to the group! It's great to hear how you came by World Pulse in order to have your voice heard, as your safe haven. By having voices like yours, our community will become more and more informed regarding serious issues such as physical and emotional abuse, hopefully prompting more action to take place, as a result. I look forward to hearing about your future endeavours.