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hi all nice to write here again well in a very hard world when the mother cant find the time to take care of her kids and she totally lose the relationship with them .. in the time that they truly need her to next to them i knew this story when i go to my hone land ' i live in to it if that was more truly there one of the women in my family well her physical condition is not that much good and she have a lot of the problems with her husband any way he say that she come to the family big house she only come for visit and between that she sitting her youngest kid want his mother attention he throw somethings on her but she didn't care and he crashed other thing but she also didn't care when she find that her mother didn't care she go to her mother and begged her mother to hit her .. because this the only way to feel the relationship between them i was so sorrow not for the mom no because in matter of what she should care of her kids but i feel sorry for the girl when she need for a mother and she well see her but she cant feel that she have a one the mother must listen to her girl she must or the girl well grow and there is something missing in her ................ i'm so glad that i have a awesome mother she is always next to me when i needed someone she always hear me when i need to speak and hugs me when my tears fell down thank you mum ... because you make me want to be like you when i grow to be a mum


Really after going through your post I can't stop saying "I love you my son". I can relate this piece of your sharing with mine because I am working mother and I notice such thing every day when I get back to home from office. My son is now 2 years old, he is so attention seeker. Sometime I am too tired and need to get into dinner preparing job as soon as I am back from my office. So I just take him in my lap for sometime and then leaving him I start cooking. At that time he plays with my father in law or mother in law, but he frequently come to kitchen and hug me and try to tell his own story. Even I could not concentrate on my cooking and next thing I am too scared that he won't hurt himself by kitchen knife or burn his hand from gas stove. Sometime I also get irritate, I often discuss such thing with my friends and they suggest me to act softly and calmly with children. These days I am learning to that.

Its again big challenge for me, I hope I can do my best for my son.

you are a truly mother ... only because you think in your son ((lucky one to have you )) when you read this this means that you think about hem and you care about hem and you love hem so much the women i talk about she is not a working mother she don't have any thing to do you have your excuse but she don't have one it's nice to know that you make a change even if that was a litter one