Wonders will never cease!! This Day 18th of June still remain fresh and weird in my mind! I would not have imagined that people still lingers in traditional beliefs, neither did I know that there are still alot of people who don't know that AIDS is a Diseases and not superstitions.

A gentleman aged 32 was launched by wananchi in Nakuru after allegedly caught in a sexual act with a minor aged 3month. After questioning him i found out that he was HIV posiitive and in that state for 2years, he was advised by local old men to engage the minor in this act to get healed.

The guy was whisked away by the police and in custody awaiting charges, but this is not enough! because the minor was left in the provincial General hospital bleeding and she later died after several hours.

I don't blame the gentleman but i blame myself for not having sensitize the community on the same effects and also the AIDS as a disease. Next Month (AUGUST) am set to campaign in and out to inform the illiterate and the intellectual about various facts.

If you are willing to assist me by volunteering to enable me cover the interior, door to door visit please inform me via Rotaoyg@yahoo.com


Hamisi - I can only imagine how devastating this occurence has been to you and your community. You are a strong and courageous man with great vision to see the opportunity to sensitize your community and bring so much light of knowledge and awareness during a painful night. Do you have the literature and models and anything else you need to begin your campaign? We will seek to invite other men who are leading similar campaigns to join you here and share strategies.

with respect,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Jensine you are great! I thank you for your comments on what am calling as a "one month wonder". To be true and sincere am not prepared with any teaching material nor resource, and above all i seem to be alone in this fight, i would therefore not hesitate to welcome your suggestion of getting me the trainning materials on time. I will also request me to organize for some volunteers within and across the boarders to do the same for a stipulated period of time.

I once again thank you.....

Thanking you in advance. Hamisi


I agree with Jensine that you are truly courageous and I stand in solidarity with you during our "one month wonder." I leave for the 2008 AIDS Conference on Sunday with my 7-month old and husband. When I think of your story in relation to my little Jonah, my heart breaks.

I will keep my eyes and ears open for similarly courageous and wise men and encourage them to meet you here.

All my blessings, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Oh no! This is not acceptable!Honestly i don't know what to say! I hope you will be able to keep track of the case.I know what our community is,and the man may end up free!

I am at the 2008 AIDS Conference right now.I hope we will be able to discuss this with my colleagues Jennifer and Anne-Christine and others,and the PulseWire community, and come up with a way of having such issues addressed.

This is really embarrassing.Our society must change!


Your post haunts me. I have an 8-month old son and the thought of anything so horrific like this happening to him almost paralyzes me. I cannot shake this incredible sadness and angst that I was not there for that baby.

Have you connected with other brave men who are committed to breaking this devastating superstition about how to "cure" HIV and AIDS? We must sound the call for action NOW! How can I help?


Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations


It is September already and I'm drawn back to your haunting story. What is so heartbreaking is that I'm sure there are many more cases like this around the world. The month of August may have passed but your important work with other men involved with the health of our communities can only be ceaseless until we know such violent, ignorant acts will never happen again. What has been the response to your campaign?

I saw your posting on Resource ExChange and will keep my eyes open for donors/donations. Did you see the upcoming conference in Kenya called "The Imagination of Poetry and Story Telling in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic" (http://beta.pulsewire.net/exchange/events/3155)? This might be a great opportunity to find ways to share information about HIV/AIDS.

With strength and hope,