I am the first girl who did go to university in my family and from that time I decided to be different from what I see and refuse to embrace. In my community you could see all kind of abuse that hidden between the walls of houses and am not using home because home is where you feel safe and to make along story short it did happen one day after seeing a close friend to me beaten by her brother in the middle of the street in front of us because a guy asked her for the time and she answered him and then the forbidden happened "she talked with a guy and her brother saw her!!".

The feelings and thoughts was clear that day for me and I decided to be a change agent, I fought for my education in a conservative family and get the education that I want ... I opened the door for my family girls to say I want to study in University.

I found world pulse website and joined it to know women and to get the new ideas and read about their rich life .. because when we connect we will be stronger with each other experiences..

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Welcome to the world where you wont be judged by who you speak with and how you sit or stand. Wishing you many friends, lots of support, much luck and love

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Welcome to PulseWire!

Thank you for sharing the challenges you've faced that brought you to be so passionate about women's empowerment. You've clearly fought adversity to pursue your goals, and you're an asset to the WorldPulse community.

I look forward to hearing more from you!


Dear Hanan, You sound like a strong woman and I'm very happy that I'm able to listen to your story here on PulseWire. Your motivation is most impressive and I hope to hear more from you. It is just great that you decided to join our community! All the best, Katharina