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I recently found out the history attached to enthusiasm and excitement, it is so typical of the strength that lies with in every single woman created under the sun. It related to the personal decisions, determinations and targets set on an individual basis that can not altered by anyone else apart from our very own selves. Excitement comes from Enthusiasm derived from a Greek word "Ethusia" which means the "God within'. This reminded me a lot of the African societies where men are viewed as gods and women servants to the mighty gods, this is a pathetic situation that gives no woman an opportunity to unleash the hidden potentials and abilities that will reveal the "God she is within". I want us to realize the essence of our greatest abilities and start nurturing them to blossom in lightening not only our lives but the entire surroundings.

This greatly reminds me of my mother who is my major source of inspiration! She was a house wife for almost 20 years of her life gladly carrying my father's surname as Mrs.Kalaki, not until we lost him that she realized the burden, roles and responsibilities that weighed on her shoulders. She woke up pretty late but not too late i think starting with a small stored shop right at home, it was not generating that much but to me and may be others it was a credit and an achievement so far to witness how she runs it, how she deals with customers and suppliers, how she gives tips and nuggets about business operations and so on. A few years down the road, she realized the importance of inspiring other house wives and may be women at large to have a self sustaining business entity and open up their minds to several innovative and brilliant ideas on how to add value to their families and their societies. This is how she birthed a women's initiative!!

Today am amazed at how many women run for consultancy and dram inspiration from her! i listen to her strong voice and words that i could never imagine her doing before my father because of her humility, meekness and overwhelming "African discipline" of a woman keeping quiet while men are talking thus rendering them items to be seen but not to be heard in our respective decision making avenues. I congratulate her on having taken time to be excited and exciting others by allowing the "God within" her to be manifested highly contributing to the women societies.

This will help in realizing self -dignity, setting personal boundaries and letting yourself be regardless of any other factors hindering your utmost destiny!! Set your pace and define your goals to be accomplished as a WOMAN!


This remains an inspiration to every single woman like me whose major dream in life is the unleash the "God with in" to the universe!!

Harriet Kamashanyu. "A woman is not born but rather becomes!"

Looking out for more of this from you darling..... And don't forget to thank your mum for bouncing back, you do not know how strong you can be until being strong is the only and last option....

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thanks my dear Olu, Trust me, i thank God for her inspiration day after day..... How strong she has become a midst several adversities that no one imagined a woman of her kind would survive!!

Thanks Ma too for the inspiration to join this Plat form! I forever treasure the insight.

Harriet Kamashanyu. "A woman is not born but rather becomes!"