During today's morning run, I kept thinking about opportunities that stay-at-home moms have. When moms take time off to give birth, they lose their jobs and the opportunity to earn income. This can frustrate you, especially when you have lots of time and have nothing to do. Well, you don't have to be frustrated anymore. Stay at home mom has unparalleled opportunities such as:-

1. Bonding with your baby

The first 3-6 months are very crucial for your child's development. Use this time to learn and know your baby better.

2. Becoming an intercessor

There are so many people, especially soon-to-be first-time moms who need someone to stand in the gap. Have a list and make it a point of calling and praying for them over the phone.

3. Turning your hobby into a business

Do you have a hobby such as baking, knitting, writing or singing? This can be your new source of income. Start small and before you know it, you won't need your old job anymore. Besides, having your own venture could open doors for other people as well.


4. Start a day care venture

There are many mothers who take their babies to schools because they have no other alternative. You know what kind of environment you would like to leave your baby. Use the same to create an-out-of-the-box solution for other mothers who need day care services.

5. Share my post

Well, I am sure you know another first time stay at home mom. Kindly share this post with her. This could be the spark she needs.

In conclusion

My friend, Bernadette Murage likes saying this, "Use your time in the hallway to praise God for the good things He is doing in your life!" This is a profound statement that enables you to see the good things that your status as a stay at home mom has brought.

You have your baby, who was rightfully being referred to as a bundle of joy. Do not let this stage pass you by. Just like He spoke to Elijah in a still small voice, he will surely speak to you. Get your praise on, sister! #TheMakingofJimButtons #LifesongKenya #RunningforMyLife