Looking at statistics, Malindi district has been performing poorly in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary education. Despite the poor performance also girls enrolment and drop out is high due to early marriage caused by culture. Being a role and the skills of Web 2.O that have been able to acquire during my internship period at Digital Opportunity Trust- Kenya, I decided to share stories and finding solutions on some of the problems facing them and was able to receive feedback from friends and network. This led me to spearhead the organization women forums and so far have been able to learn so much.

This opportunity to network with different people through my networks and that’s when a friend of mine called me and say “ Just saw something interesting and am sure you will love it” Once I checked the pulse wire space what interested me is the word “Loudspeaker” and thinking of it and given the relevant training, I will be able to understand better ways for me to share more information to a larger crowd.

Honestly speaking, my life when I was growing up was not easy one being brought up by a single parent who is my beloved mum. She struggled single handedly to make sure I receive everything that I need despite the fact, I missed school due to tuition fees. This affected me in terms of my studies and once when given the opportunity to be an intern and interact with people in my community that have suffered the same problems. I took the initiative and share my story with other young just to give them hope and encouragement. I want a society where all women and girls have been empowered in various areas ranging in leadership, mentoring, entrepreneurship and able to access all the necessary information.

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We all dream to see a world where woman have an equal status and opportunity. Be the loudspeaker and bring about the desired change in the society. More power to you to empower. Your mother truly is an empowered woman, who have raised a daughter like you.

Best wishes bhavna

Thank you Lortoria and have come to learn thing when you using WEB 2.O as a way to pass information to a large group people and the impact is great. Through my blogs people have asked me so many questions and exchanged ides to many. I am glad am using my skills widely. Bravna guess we share a common dream where women are empowered in all the areas that involves not only community development but country as a whole . One quote I always remind my people and I love it " Once you educate and empowered a women, already you've invested your country or community" guess it's time women we wake up and be loud speakers in deed. As for my she is my role model because am who I am because of her.

Thank you both for the comment and compliment. God bless


Thank you for sharing your story and vision for a better world. I would love to hear more specifics about how you came to the conclusion that journalism is the best (or even a very good) way to create the society you envision. I'd also be very interested in knowing your biggest issue: what's the first thing you would do if you could change the world for better? It's little details like that that help writing come alive and also turn it into actions that can foster hope and encouragement but also make real visible change happen.

Good luck! Emma

Dear Emma

Thank you for reading my story and also providing feedback. Journalism plays a big role in changing the world because a large number of people are reached compared to a word of mouth e.g Malala story where it was broadcast almost everywhere and women activist, organisation, policy makers came out in large numbers to support her family not only in person but also through messages. I was shocked when I went for a girls forums in a nearby girls school here in Malindi a girl told me Malala story and that she learned that being strong and going for what you believe in is the way to go that's how powerful journalism it. More women are and will be able to access information, act on the issues affecting them and finally live in a society where everyone is free to air his/her own views manque one can hide her identity thus making it even safer and freely to talk.

Make abortion legalized here in Kenya and take the approach used to HIV victims where they are accepted, counseled and given proper attention would help. Many young women and women are dying people of lack of information of the dangers of undergoing abortion from un professional doctors just because first it is legalized, secondly the best hospital that can provide better services are expensive and lastly people are not aware what to do and what can the community and church think of me.

I would love when such a women or girl is pregnant first she know where to run to when and there she is safe and sound. First given counseling on the dangers of abortion, counseling on the parents if they are harsh, and patient given full support emotionally without discrimination and condemnation by either the health workers, community and lastly the parents. Girls do not abort just because of the burden of raising the child once he/she comes into exsitence but how the community or parents will take it. That is why I envision a world where women and girls are empowered and able to access information.


Thank you for sharing your goals, I wish you the best in completing them. I would love to hear more specifics like that come through in your journal entries!

Best, Emma

Thank you Helwa for your story. You are on your path to liberate girls use the power of digital media - well done!!

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