Overview of our NGO SWACIN

You will find our YouTube slide show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unEmT0PkK_o&feature=youtube_gdata

I had much obstacles to overcome working on this project.

The researcher who was sending me photos from University of Calabar received sudden computer virus attacks unexpectedly. He could not send me the important photos of suffering women and children in Cross River state. He believes the attacker has to do with the government source.

On the other hand, activities of our NGO is severely restricted by Japanese government to go and provide clean up in Niger-Delta regions. Thus I am approaching to the government ODA (Official Development Assistance) in order to set the ground for activities in Niger-Delta regions. (Conference is on 2013 Dec. 9th)

While we have another option to register the NGO in the United States so that NGO can be operated in Niger-Delta, whichever works earlier we must take in order to implement the project fast. We have a little short of fund to help the researcher now (since he lost his computer and mobile) but as soon as it is given him, he will be going to the site to take new photos or starting the project.

If you are able to help us, and join the community based oil pollution clean-up project as partners in progress, please do so as our community called earth need to be cleaned up fast. If you are willing to take initiative, please contact me below by telephone, email or skype whichever works for you. We very much look forward to talking with you!

Cordially, Hideko N. Founder/Executive Director

SWACIN (Support Women & Children in Nigeria) email: info@swacin.com, survivalgadget@yahoo.com tel: +81 886 96 5417 / 408 520 9806 (mobile) +81 90 1173 9378 fax: +81 886 96 5418 skype: swacin web site: http://www.swacin.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swacin

This multimedia story is part of an assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous digital empowerment and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world.

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Dear Hideko, you are speaking about very right things: we all are connected and dependent on our beautiful earth. We should take care about it if we don't want to see its anger and revange. I support you completely! Warm regards from Ukraine, Iryna

Thank you, Iryna! I appreciate that you share the same feelings not only on this project but you also realized the importance on caring increasing elderly populations in my another project. What happen in other countries are no longer strange matters. As I write this to you, we are seeing Climate Change in our community rains and storm are coming daily here in Japan. Yes, you are very right. Anger and revange are not the answer.

Hideko N. SWACIN http://www.swacin.com


Dear Hideko,

This is a terrific piece of work! Despite your struggles, you've triumphed with this excellent video, and I am grateful to understand all the more about your work and your great dedication to making life better for the Nigerian peoples. I am very impressed with your photos, your narratives, the overall presentation and the strength and conviction conveyed throughout. Congratulations, Hideko, on an excellent piece of work. With Love & Support, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Sarah, we are processing to register our NGO in the U.S. This means we might get closer to you! In the matter of few weeks in NY (CA was a little difficult...This is how far we are progressing!) My U.S. citizenship (applied many years ago) made it easier for many respects. Without going to Calabar, how can we do anything? Meantime we are persuading police in Nigeria to provide evidence of safety so that Japanese government can give necessary technical support and machineries. But all and all I cannot deny that my determination comes from the continuous inspiration I get from you and efforts of all the World Pulse team.

Thanks million for ceaseless support and encouragement! Hideko N.

And, Hideko, it's wonderful to hear your voice after communicating online all this time! Beautiful voice.

Wouldn't it be terrific if you came to NY? I go back often and would make a point of spending some time with you.

Love & Support, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Oh YES, Sarah you will see that I am not a cyber robot. I am a person with flesh, blood and flood of thoughts & emotions that have driven me to go this far. That is what makes it different from those who are mistaken this program for get-rich-quick and famous scheme for their own benefit. Such love of self keeps the love for the needy short-lived. Even if there is opportunity to work they will walk away from it after they find better things to satisfy themselves. It becomes evident by observing how many miles persons can go with or without the resources to do the needful. Oh, sorry I am just saying I will see you there.

Grateful, Hideko N.

Hideko, in spite of not receiving the images you sought from the researcher, this is a powerful video showing how poverty leads people to build on unstable lands and the consequences of such. It is heartbreaking to think of the loss of lives in Niger-Delta regions and around the world due to the extreme weather events we are now witnessing.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to those without voice in Nigeria. You are a powerful advocate for them. Well done.

Thank you for understanding. Janice, we see the Climate Change nowadays too often. It is not the matter of elsewhere. It is our own because together we can find solutions, and together we can end it. As I write this reply to you, the same researcher sent me specifications of machinery to clean up. The petition including this will be submitted to the Japanese government shortly. The fact is that there is limitation to those who raise voice in Nigeria because of government threat. Therefore, I believe that someone outside the country must help and work together.

Cordially, Hideko N.

Hideko, there are two organizations you might want to look at in addressing climate change effects in Nigeria.

The Climate Reality Project founded by former US Vice President Al Gore is about unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis. There are different ways you can help spread the word. Take a look at the website and in particularly their initiatives. http://climaterealityproject.org/

Think Progress reports on Climate change and may have some useful information to help you in your fight to raise awareness of the issues. If you wish to submit an idea for an article or even submit an article yourself, visit the author pages (2nd link) and click the contact link. http://thinkprogress.org/tag/climate-change/ http://thinkprogress.org/about/

Janice, these are valuable information. I read through some pages of the sites and they look very serious. I even think that I should pay visit them in NY (assuming that these organizations are in NY) --unless the Japanese government changes their mind and let us go for the clean up in Niger Delta.

Thank you for putting extra efforts to find information. They mean a lot to me and the partners in Nigeria. We shall certainly take advantage of opportunities. Warmly, Hideko N.

bien à vous,je comprend un peu l'anglais;lire votre bulletin peut ,'être vraiment utile. car sa peut m'enrichir à bien partager mes idées avec vous; merci! je l'atend; chance à vous

neema weza

Je vous remercie sincèrement de votre véritable effort. Je sais que vous avez des circonstances très difficiles. Ne nous laissons pas perdre notre espoir. Hideko N.

oui merci je suis entre de me forcé et j'espere que avec le temps sa ira; il est vrai que nous sommes dans de circonstance dificile ,mais avec Dieu nous ésperons le surmonté bien à vous

neema weza