There is a saying in Japan, “Rich people make no enemies.”  They know well that fighting is disadvantageous because they understand that temporary fits of anger or emotion does not benefit them but understanding it calmly has merit. Even if the persons may be unpleasant, they may help you in the future.  So do not close the possible doors.  It is also important to note that those who hold anger in them tend to have health problems such as hyper tension, high blood pressures, heart attack, headache, abdominal pain, insomnia, depression, and so on. It is not necessary to be closely associated with such individuals, but showing consistent kindness, mercy and affection, which in time, change people as if it melts the ice.  Sometimes this can take years or decades, but such efforts do not go unnoticed by the ones approached.  Sending gift (it does not have to be expensive), greeting, saying kind words or giving what they need time to time are like burning coals on their heads, because their anger is not justifiable.  Responding those with anger and hatred to kindness allow them to realize that there were no good explanation for bad emotions. In time all of us face situations to need kindness of others because of sudden strain in life. 

If you intend to be CEOs, be prepared to deal with those with disagreement, dishonesty, anger and hatred.  Because human beings are imperfect, we must deal with people’s imperfection, including your own imperfection.  Here are some exercises to train your mind. 


Exercise #1 List the name of those whom you may have offended or be offended and the relationships have gone sour.  Recall what happened and write the incident down with the best of your knowledge.


Exercise #2 Think of the best kind words to tell the person you can think of no matter how offensive and indignant the situations may have been. If you wish to do so, you can even write to the person via any communicative means.  If you didn’t think of any meaning for doing so now—just imagine, dealing with the public requires to do so sometimes when things go wrong. Bursting out with bad emotions, you will later regret for not even taking good command on your own feelings. Maintaining calmness has more merit than regret. 

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Dear Hideko,

This is a real precious advice that can help everyone work for a mutually complacent atmosphere. You spoke about the impulsive emotions and reactions very correctly.

Such a beautiful share of life!


Best wishes,


Worldpulse Community Champion

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Hello Hideko,

This is a real eye-opener for many individuals, including myself! I have always found myself, as well as my father to keep things bottled inside whenever something seems to go wrong. Unfortunately, as a result, my father now has high blood pressure, insomnia, and bad tempers, which is not to say that he is an unkind person. He does have a very kind, open heart, but his health has evidently worsened. It really does help to respond to these types of individuals with kindness and patience, as my father will tend to soften and become less angry if he sees that I will not try to provoke him, but appease him. 

As a youth, I am also worried about my health, especially my mental health for the future. Nowadays, it is extremely common to look at my surroundings full of students with several mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety due to stress in school and family life. It is also common for youth to keep things bottled inside, embarrassed to share any personal, concerning information that may be harming their mentalities and health. The following exercises you posted are extremely helpful and useful for anyone of any age.

Communication is vital to resolving issues, no matter how big or small.

Thank you for the very important information! We should all take the time to make use of these exercises in our daily lives. Then, we might be able to have a little more happiness in our lives.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

Thank you Helen,

It seems unintelligent and simple, but making peace is very genuine wisdom in the long run.  Since I decided not to get angry easily, neither I get sick easily. I remember my last mother was like that always giving gifts to others.  She is the best loved person I ever know.  I try to do that too, then when I make mistakes people forgive me easily.  Let's try doing that so that we create peace in our small way.  

Hideko N.