About Me: Hello Sisters out there, Meet Hilda from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm a Linguist by profession, an ex-banker and currently a social worker in the areas of capacity building and training for the development of gender especially women and girls.Its wonderful to be part of this great move. We have been blessed by God with a rich heritage as women by being wonderfully and fearfully made. Women by nature are very creative and innovative. We therefore, need to acquire further skills in vocational work to create, produce and invent all the beautiful things we need around us.

My Passions: To empower, train and impact

My Challenges: Time, funds and support.

My Vision for the Future: To empower as much women /girls to become self-made entrepreneurs

My Areas of Expertise: Mentoring, facilitation and workshops.


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I am very blessed to be a woman - Women are the very core of existence for humanity. Let us therefore, appreciate the womenfolk and applaude the past decades of struggle for recognition, our present role of imparting our generation and looking ahead to a future generation to pass down the legacies of good values and practices right from our sittingrooms to the world at large. Please, give it up for the women like Mary Sumner, Mother Theresa, Mary Wesley and many more out there doing whatever you do to give back to humanity.

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I think I know you. You did visit YWCA national secretariat years back when Lady Ani was hostel chair person? Have a wonderful time with new online friends.

Enjoy! Celine

Hi Celine, Very glad that we can meet again Celine, moreso, on Pulse Wire. How great! So, what has been happening to you and where on earth are you? Please, do keep in touch always. Cherio.

Lots of luv, Hilda

Hi Hilda, Sorry it took me like ages to reply. I sent you friendship request so it becomes easy for us to communicate via mails.

I am fine, still in Nigeria working with other NGOs. How is St Stephens' Church and how is Rev. Nwanekwu?