Title – The World is your stage. Perform.

I am an ardent believer of the fact that our existence on earth is for a purpose. We have not just been created to fill up the gaps and vacuums. Every existence has a purpose and reason. Everyone has a definite assignment that needs to be accomplished within a set frame of time. Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, after their creation, were put in the Garden of Eden to tend and manage it. That was a definite assignment that translated into a vision statement for both of them. Some say it is a ‘calling’. But, this is what vision is all about. For me therefore, i strongly know that my core vision in life is to impact the lives of the helpless, especially women and girls out there for the better, by way of interpreting their God given dreams and helping them achieve such dreams through a laid down blue-print pattern if properly adhered to. We have been empowered for a purpose: To empower others. Dare to die empty and finish strong. The journey of life is like a muddled-up puzzle that throws several travellers into a confused state, until they finally come across people like me- who can fix the puzzle and navigate them to their destiny, people- who can make something out of nothing, people- who can make a miracle out of a messed –up life and give meaning and purpose to meaningless and purposeless lives. The same applies to our communities as a whole and the entire world. We exist to change the situation of our communities that are impoverished, diseased and mal-nourished to become better places for all to dwell in. Just like several years ago, some American Music Celebrities came together in a campaign to decry the poverty, hunger situation and global –warming ravaging the world. They even composed a special album titled: ‘We Are the World’ to address the issues. Daring to making a difference and creating change in every facet of the environment is what this is all about! This transcends beyond our individual needs and comfort. It is a burden. Yes, a burden and a call that spurs you to acknowledge your role and perform. What comfort can one possible be deriving in an unpleasant atmosphere and environment? We need to rise up to the call and start creating the change we want. Taking a bold step of action is what we need to do. Talk is cheap! Being a Voice of our Future Correspondence is just one of the various ways of actualizing my vision on earth. However, there are so many issues out there that should be decried and stood against such as; all forms of discrimination against women and girls, victimization at all levels, abuse and violence perpetrated against women and girls and lots of voiceless individuals, will be put to an end. So many have been suppressed, shut down and annihilated because no speaks for them. I ‘m therefore, convinced that my voice will help to herald such people. Though, they have no one now, but because we are there, such people would be celebrated and recognised. Being simply a voice, will go a long way in achieving my vision because it would afford me the opportunity to be properly trained and mentored both in the language and usage of the tools necessary for the vision. It will also help to shapen my approach, interventions and re-direct them to the right audience. In addition, it will serve as a legal platform to network, cross-breeding of ideas, strategize and implement my dreams and action. Let us dare to make the necessary changes and impact in the lives of people, our communities and the world at large. Our hands are on the plough, there is no looking back. Finally, i wish to state here that i am a ‘change agent’, existing in this dispensation for a purpose and ready to harness all the resources available at my disposal to achieve my goals and visions for the good of humanity especially the female gender. We are the ones to make a better place, so, let’s start giving!


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Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Dear Hilda,

I appreciate your call to action and being proactive in rallying for the many who are not able to speak, we must step up and support one another into positive action.

Please continue your good work and leadership which empowers others to tap into their amazing potential and personal power. Together change can happen!

Thank you!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Dear Hilda,

Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. I especially like the line, "We have been empowered for a purpose: To empower others." You do a nice job of describing a need for change. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future!

Sincerely, Lisa