My challenges and barriers to create change in my community as following: Culture: younger should show respect to the older, follow what the old advice by not ask too much questions or confront with old people which regarded disrespect and not good child. Old people tent to preserve rather that open for new thing. Some important issues are not put in discussion. When the ideas of talking openly about sex, the old strongly resistant, they think that it is really ashamed and violet the culture that young girls talking about the sex related to reproductive health in the public. But gradually, more people understand that this issue need to talk openly to change their behavior and to protect the young from wrong doing having sex in under age because they are lack of information. Moreover, by nature, the young always curious to know the thing around them, unfortunately, old people did not explain them properly by just claim that it is the older issue, political issue…, you are young, you should not know, your duty is just study, hardworking to get good score. You will get high paid job when you graduated. Some young could find their answer with their friends who talk more openly and closely when they have problem in the family . It ok if they could find good friends but if bad friends it will dangerous for their lives. Education is also a problem to create change, the different understanding between rural and urban areas. Urban people seem could flexible to the change rather than rural people who is lack of information. Past experience: Cambodian people got trauma feeling with what they had been passed in their lives, that was very severely and brutality killing and torturing. In the past we normally used the word ‘revolution’, it mean something change and it was a big change in society. The leader of Khmer rough regime believe in their revolution was a great change that people would live equally only one class no rich no poor. So Ang Ka mean organization that lead the country to the evile, so people frightening, frustrated to see something change because they afraid such a change in the past. These mostly happen to the old people who got that experience rather than the young people. now we have extra ordinary court to bring the justice to all the victim by finding the high responsible leader to the public to confront the national and international law. to show that such change need to responsible. I could see that, pulse wire and other online communication is my solution. I have courage to create change, which I feel not comfortable, frustrate that I could not achieve what I try to change before. It really empower me. I could see where I could grow and where I could create change. I am not alone with my struggle. I have something exiting to do through online community. I could trust my

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Dear sister Kunthea,

Thanks so much for writing such as a beautiful piece and inspiring article here! I totally agree that Sex should be educated and talked as it is important to let young girls to know about it and understand about the sex under age. It is a good thing that Cambodia should open mind about it. I am also a Cambodian girl, and I am sure that in Cambodia society still minds and thinks wrong about sex education, especially most times when they see advertisement about sex education on TV, said it is really bad to advertise it as we are Khmer not European. It is what I always hear from people. Anyways, I really suggest media orgs and some other media institutes advertise more about sex education to young people in Cambodia.

Of course, social media can be a wonderful tool to bring change and make an impact to our society. It is what I have gotten after I joined World Pulse. I have a chance to do my dream work as a journalist and reporter. I am very proud to be part of Worldpulse and an award-winner of Voices of Our Future. My life has been changed!

Happy Pchum Ben Day!



Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Thanks dear sister Sarvina to read my writing. I was a bit hesitate at the beginning to join world pulse but after I have found your articles I want to be part of it. I want to change my negative behavior, I am not brave enough to do something, even I start to write It is difficult for me to produce a good sentences. When I have read your articles, i found many good ideas. it really inspired me.

Have a nice day, Hope to see you sometimes


Hi Sarvina:

I understand the problem in your country, as I think we similar culture. But, believe me, the obstacle will pass years later. So, no worry and keep on fighting :)

Cheers: Mia

Good Day Kunthea,

When it comes on to communication, what is most important is to communicate meaning and you have done that. Your bravery is commendable. Thank you for going beyond yourself to touch the community of women worldwide. The problem you have highlighted at times is often overlooked especially in conservative societies like yours. So your voice is absolutely valid. Most importantly, I hear your heart. As with all things, your writing will get better with practice. Continue to write, you will get it right and rightly so, inspire the change you are.


Thanks for your comment, I really like to read other writing to improve mine. I see the beautiful words you all made I really impress and inspire me to step forward. I really enjoy to be part of world Pule.

Thanks for your encourage.

The best ,


Dear Kunthea, I'm so glad you found WorldPulse and that you are enjoying being a part of the community. Your post was so interesting about the attitudes of the older generation and the younger people, as well as rural and urban. There's a lot of work to be done and I'm glad you're raising your voice. all best wishes, Katie