I’m Eastern born, Western bred with a global vision to transform our world for the world’s poorest girls. My journey began in South Korea. I was born into a wealthy family but my destiny changed abruptly when my father passed away. I was only seven month old and overnight, I became poor because I was girl. In fact, all the women my father left behind, including my mother, were not worth anything without him.

But my destiny changed, again. With nothing but courage, my mother moved us to the United States, and here, I met Barbara Crocker – a model of women’s leadership. She valued me for who I am and mentored my potential. Not by words but by action, she took me to the projects of Houston, Texas, to serve the poor. There I learned that I, a poor immigrant raised by a widowed mother, can make a difference in my community, my world.

I continued this journey and everywhere I went – across the urban slums of America to extremely impoverished communities around the world, I saw the same picture. From gendercide to child marriage to the Taliban acid attacks to those wanting an education to sex trafficking…girls are not valued. Their fundamental human rights are violated every single day.

Also along this journey, I found other women like Barbara who held my hands and helped me realize my leadership potential to a gift I can, now, give back to our world.

Today, I’m the Founding Director of 4Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL). 4GGL envisions a world where every girl’s inherent worth and leadership potential is recognized, providing every girl the opportunity and resources to empower herself and change her world. 4GGL is not just an organization but a social change movement to value and invest in the world’s poorest girls.

Today, I am leaving for Pakistan to bring this vision to 30,000 girls there. I realize the danger but I also see an opportunity to transform an extreme nation through girls – girl power.

We have to accomplish the possible in order to touch the impossible (Simone Weil). Women who held my hands and changed my destiny have made 4GGL possible. My gift back to our world is to help 600 million girls in the developing world realize the impossible – their voice matters, they are valuable.

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My mom always told me "it doesn't matter where you start but where you end up," And you truly represent this statement. Furthermore, you carry this statement with grace and determination for a better future that was compelled not only by your history but the history of so many girls and women like you. Like you they have had tragedies in their life that could of crippled them forever but instead of breaking down they will rebuild themselves up, stronger and better than before. You give them the tools to construct a stable foundation, where you give them the blue print for all the good things that will come. Thanks so much for not being only a teacher for these girls but for all of us. All the luck with 4GGL and may you use Pulsewire to further grow this wonderful non profit.

Thank you, Carri. Yes, it's a beautiful way to start my new birth year! What one sees as a danger, another sees as an opportunity...in fact that's the word in Mandarin: crisis = danger + opportunity.

I'd love to hear your story as I know you're bringing healing and new energy to our world. And I invite you to join the 4GGL community. We're a global multi-generational women's leadership model of beautiful women - all walks of life united for the world's poorest girls. For more info: 4GGL.org

Looking forward to sharing and co-creating! Jin

Your ambition is inspiring. You have the same courage as your mother, seeing ways to create positive change for yourself and others, and brazenly moving forward in order to reach your goals. You have done some incredible things, and I am sure many young women throughout the world will benefit from your generous and compassionate spirit. Best of luck with 4GGL!

Asalam alaykum - greetings from Pakistan, Brianna!

Thank you. I once heard:

Everything in life happens because of passion Everything right in life happens because of compassion

It's compassion that will transform our world and I invite YOU to join the 4GGL Movement to value and invest in world's poorest girls. Go to: 4GGL.org to become a LEADER for girls.

Thank you. And I'd love to learn more about you - your passion that has evolved into compassion. 4GGL is all about sharing, learning and co-creating a better world all humanity.

Peace, courage, love Jin

Hi Jin,

Thank you so much for sharing your personal story! It is very inspiring to read how one person's journey through life builds on particular experiences, "good" or "bad", and eventually can build into a global movement.

I wish you all the best in your efforts to change the lives of girls around the world, one at a time.


Scott Beck

Asalam alaykum - greetings from Pakistan, Scott. So wonderful to e-meet you! I first got connected with Jensine, then Jennifer who connected us a while ago...

Thank you. I'm in Pakistan to work with local organizations and train their trainers to impact 50,000 girls - Imagine! It's amazing and an opportunity to transform a nation from extremism to girl power. And I see how having men champions is CRITICAL. Here when women lead, people question...when men lead, people follow.

So I I invite YOU to join the 4GGL Movement to value and invest in world's poorest girls. Go to: 4GGL.org to become a LEADER for girls. We'll name all our LEADERS so I look forward to honoring you!

Thank you. And if you get the chance, I'd love to learn more about the Modules as I train trainers in developing countries, currently in Pakistan and Nepal.

Looking forward to co-creating a better world for girls!

peace, courage, love Jin