Robotics Class with the Girls
Robotics Class with the Girls: Creating our own Technology
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I am from Nigeria, I am from a family that encouraged me to go for my dreams even as a student in the college they got me an internship job that helped enhance my knowledge in the Electrical field, they were so supportive but my community was wondering why my parent were investing so much on me as a woman that would soon be given out in marriage but my parent knew better than that.There is so much faced by women in my community they are given out in marriage early and most of them are made to become house helps, low economic power, orientation that STEM careers are for Men, "Women's place is in the Kitchen" Women should be heard and not seen syndrome, and Low access and knowledge to Technology.

I have started tackling this challenges in my community supporting the vulnerable girls/women but a lot more needs to be done more change agent needs to come on stage and I am supported by some organization that I am partnering with like Corderina supporting with the LEGO kits and we are also in partnership with Ministry of Education, Universal Basic Education Board and UNESCO

To continue I would require more human, material and financial resources and enhancing my digital skills and leadership skills would be a plus for the Odyssey Educational foundation.

I had an interesting career path as an Electrical Engineer working as a switch Engineer in a Telecom company for 9years and was comfortable until I travelled to India to do my Masters in Telecommunication Management so that I can come back and continue in my convenient and comfortable "space".

There came a turn of thought  in India, I was in class with so many smart classmate and I wondered how they performed mathematical calculations without calculator most of them were Girls so  I thought it was some form of JuJu {Magical Power} because most of us in the class when  asked any mathematical question we grab our calculators, but I noticed that the Indian ladies got there's done in seconds, and  in a most baffling  way, without a calculator.

I then began my query process, I found out it was training in Speed Mathematics that had helped them acquire these skills  I also enrolled for the Speed Maths class which i dd online. In  my quest to probe further I found out that most Kids were engaged in an after school program,  they  were  exposed to training that are not really taught in class, infact training that helped them in their choice of a career path and it was a more practical aspect of a career Journey and the thought came into my mind "if this is happening here then it can happen also in my country".

With that mindset, I returned to my country and  all of my nerves speaking; start something like you saw in India here, so I started with equipping myself with the necessary skills for the new role thanks to internet I utilized every resources I could lay hold of online. This took a toll on me as my whole being knew that I had something in me which I need to let everyone who cares to listen hear, know. I started going to schools to enlighten them why the Girl child should be equipped in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics} career, where they  would be  equipped with  the tools needed to drive our economy from labour driven to a knowledge driven Economy.  I ensured that every parent and all stakeholder I came across understood that these skills we teach them are not "Nice to have but a Must have". Our dreams of a knowledge driven economy was now a fate to be determined by our actions.

Severally I have  invited the Parent  and stakeholders to school especially weekends when we Code with the Girls, to educate them on the need to train the Girl child, with the understanding of  the community we are in where they believe that your fortune should be spent on training the Male child as the girl child would soon be given away in marriage and the money spent on her soon becomes a waste.  

I have always  been of the opinion that train a girl child and train a nation, because I am a beneficiary of that school of thought, so that informed my setup, I  choose more of Girls in the club and in some schools i pick only girls, when  i invite Boys, they are for giving the Girls a run, and this happens when i see most of them not working up to the task I add some challenges to the group to bring the best out of them. I run the club with a variety of blends ranging from Robotics, Speed Maths, Animation, Photography, Coding, Creating of Mobile Apps and lot more. The interesting part of our solutions are they solve our immediate community challenge we don't just fill a space, so the Girls create their own Technology solutions  and not just be consumers of Technology.

This little fire has began to grow wild, we are present in most public schools in the State and a open space for walk-ins, we have an overwhelming number of interest than our resources can not accommodate and I tell you we have began to groom the next generation of problem solver with STEM background in my community lately. We are sure marching to the mark of a knowledge driven economy consciously. 


Hi there. Welcome to World Pulse. I'm very excited to hear not only that you are an engineer. It's difficult in the U.S. let alone elsewhere. That's a feat in itself, but then when you said that you are encouraging girls, by overwhelming response, to learn similar and other skills, that's very impressive. What country are you from? And, what is your organization and program called? I'd be interested to learn more. Thank you:-)

Thank you Jlanghus Am really sorry i just was under pressure to meet the deadline I did not notice that a guideline was indicated for the Journey article but I guess I would add it here, am from Nigeria and my organization is Odyssey educational foundation and our program are called various names depending on the program its a STEM after school and we run programs like Technovation, FIRST LEGO League, Scratch Programming,CS First,  Java Programming and a whole lot of activity round the Year as a member of Society  of Women Engineers I run the Girls invent it build it, its a whole of a bend for the girls.

Create the change you desire to see!

You're welcome. Thanks for the clarification on your country, organization and program. I look forward to seeing more of your stories about what you do, and what progress you have made:) Indeed, "create the change you desire to see."