Web 2.0 is a tool that will further enhance my work. In the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), the indicators worldwide are not encouraging, also sexual and reproductive health is not consistently addressed in health care programmes. The global women empowerment movement needs as much medium as possible to strengthen the movement. Web 2.0 will play a critical role in assisting the movement especially the feminist movement to advocate better policies and services and bring about social and behavioural change, which is the key to development. I see this training on web 2.0 as a unique opportunity to acquire and to share knowledge. My interactions from co-participators and the listeners will further support my organisation in influencing my government, help bring about social change and deliver more effective reproductive programmes. The importance of Social networking in movement building cannot be over emphasized. The beauty of web 2.0 is that it amplifies my voice, ideas and opinion.

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Hello dearies,

I am sure you are all doing well. Internet connection is poor here because of the rain but I will keep in touch. I really dont understand where to submit my answers to the questions. I did post my first answer to my journal, I need further clarification.

NB: Abella, I saw your post and your question. I really do believe that the socialisation process in any community affects the people. In most part of the world,especially in Africa, women are socialized that way. It is our task to rebuild our women and give them assertive skills.

Hello Dear Sister- I believe you posted it in the correct place-in your journal-however I think you need to 'tag' it with the phrase "2010 VOF Week 1" just like you tagged it with 'activism' and 'web'.

Keep doing good work... Jennifer


"I am a woman, that's my weapon!" ~Catherine Robbins

Thanks for succinctly explaining how Web 2.0 will help empower women when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. Thanks for your good work, keep it going. I would have loved to read more details on the everyday work you do and how web 2.0 is impacting that - maybe you have come across examples in your daily work?

Dear Ikogheneone,

Your entry is succinct and focused. I applaud your dedication to women's sexual and reproductive health. This is a serious issue worldwide, even in my so-called first world country. I send you best wishes for success in your work.

As mentioned by a previous listener, I too would like more information about the specific duties you perform.

Jan Askin

Ikogheneone, Thank you for the clear and concise points you made about Web 2.0. It is absolutely a fantastic vehicle to further the power of the women's sexual and reproductive health movement. I feel inspired to know that women like you are working behind that movement. Thank you, Jocelyn