A month after creating a Facebook Page for Boresha Dada, a long lost friend offered to volunteer to train our peer educators in reproductive health rights for free. I humbly accepted her request knowing too well what this means to our Campaign. I then gave her a courtesy call to discuss how we should go about it. and the deal was sealed. 

Weeks later I wrote her an email to remind her of our launch our Sexual Reproductive Health Field Day later in June and this coincidentally found her in a meeting with her Directors. She mentioned our campaign during the the meeting and now Marie Stopes Kenya has offered our Organization a free Sexual Reproductive Health Package for all the events we Mobilize! Thank You Marie Stopes Kenya!!


Hello sis, 

We are in this together all the way. Collaborations are really important especually when it comes to successful implemtation of human rights campaigns and improving livelihoods.


Much love and Congrats


Hi Immah. How are you?  May your collaboration be successful.

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.